Education Related Abbreviations for Pre Mid and Post Test of Induction Training

Education Related Abbreviations for Pre Mid and Post Test of Induction Training
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In most of the districts of Punjab, candidates have got the orders and their induction level training is started. As we are in Chakwal, training of SESE and SSE will start soon . As per the schedule, training was conducted for 2 months but later on due to unavailability of funds, this training is reduced to 1 month now and 1 month in the next summer. Let’s see that will it be conducted in the next summer but I don’t think so.

Education Related Abbreviations

Coming to the point, I am discussion today Education Related Abbreviations for Pre Mid and Post Test of Induction Training;

Note: These abbreviations are taught by Sir Ali Imran Hamdani on 04 August 2017 at QAED Talagang. Some extra abbreviations are also added to give more insight.

SED: School Education Department

DDO: Deputy District Officer

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

SLOs: Student Learning Outcomes

DRC: District Review/Recruitment Committee

ACR: Annual Confidential Report

PER: Performance Evaluation Report

ETTE: English for Teaching and Teaching for English

PD: Program Director/Professional Development

CPD: Continuous Professional Development

RPM: Regional Program Manager

TPR: Total Physical Response

ABT: Activity Based Teaching

ABL: Activity Based Learning

STSE: Science Technology Society Environment

PITE: Provincial Institute of Teacher Educator

SMC: School Management Committee

PEELI: Punjab Education English Language Initiative

QD: Quality Drive

LND: Literacy Numeracy Drive

TE: Teacher Educator

DTE: District Teacher Educator

PEC: Punjab Examination Commission

PEEDA: Punjab Employees Efficiency Discipline and Accountability (2006)

LPR: Leave Preparatory to Retirement

PRSO: The Punjab Removal from Service Ordinance (2009)

ECE: Early Childhood Education

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EYE: Early Years of Education

CFS: Child Friendly School

CCS: Child Centered School

NPST: National Professional Standard for Teachers

ADU: Academic Development Unit

SOP: School Organization Plan

QAED: Quaid e Azam Academy for Education Development

PMIU: Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit

MEA: Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

DAO: District Account Office

DPI: Director Public Instruction

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

DEO: District Education Officer

EDO: Executive District Officer

DMO: District Monitoring Officer

EMIS: Education Management Information System

Dy DEO: Deputy DEO

SOLO: Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes

DC: Deputy Commissioner

PST: Primary School Teacher

EST: Elementary School Teacher

SSE: Secondary School Educator

SST: Secondary School Teacher

SS: Subject Specialist

SSS: Senior Subject Specialist

PEF: Punjab Education Foundation

FAS: Foundation Assisted Schools

EVS: Education Voucher Scheme

NSP: New School Program

FTF: Frogh e Taleem Fund

NSB: Non Salary Budget

BM: Benchmark

AEO: Assistant Education Officer

TPV: Third Party Validation

SWOT: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

QA: Quality Assurance

DSD: Directorate of Staff Development

EFA: Education for All

PESRP: Punjab Education Sector Reform Program

MVF: Mentoring Visit Form

TNA: Teacher Need Assessment

TTT: Teacher Talk Time

STT: Student Talk Time

MBD: Millennium Board Development