Does Education Kill Creativity?

Does Education Kill Creativity?
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Education is the foundation for everything. Parents always try their best to give best and quality education for their children. They always try their best to give best schooling best education best teachers and best quality education to their children. As we all know education is like a sword to fight against the challenges of life. To get a best and successful life we should get the education. But in this modern era education only is not enough we need more than that. Now in every field, we can see some new way of thinking and the new process of doing work. If we take teaching field in olden days in teaching the process takes place through by using old textbook materials but now the system changed a lot. In teaching now we need some innovative and creative thinking and procedure to get attention and to grab the concentration of learning. So in every field, we can see new learning’s and new techniques are applied. Creativity is an innovative idea to make innovative minds. If we ask whether creative thinking is encouraged in schools then we have to say no. But can’t say that education kills it, education system kills creativity.                                   

We all know that our education system does not give equal importance to education and creativity. It gives special importance to education. But the mindset has drastically changed now our society gives importance to creativity. People need innovative minds to achieve success and to gain respect in the society. It’s hard to come up with creativity and new thinking because society discourages people to think out of the box. Discourage to think beyond studies and classroom. If a student’s give important to other extracurricular activities then people will comment negatively and create a bad impression on that particular student. As we all know children are born with inborn talents. They have their own skills and talents which we and our society should encourage and promote to develop. But our education system never tries to encourage such talent because we think that if we encourage creative thinking and creative talents it will negatively effect on their education. So we as parents never give full support to those thoughts and creative ideas. I ask every parent to encourage your child in every field because future has become more competitive and tougher. Education only not enough to face such situation our child need new ideas to stay in every field.                           

We can’t pursuit creativity only in our life. We need both education and creativity it’s like two sides of one coin. We have to give importance to both. Education is like a foundation to creative thinking and new ideas. If you want to think differently and to think new you should know what there was before. For that, you should have education and some knowledge about everything. Knowledge is gained through education so both are important. There were no creative tests in schools that we have to encourage and plan in upcoming years. Our parents give much importance to education because to achieve something to live a standards life we should be educated and gain the education. So they never try to find out the creative thoughts of their children at the same time schools and colleges also support parents and give importance to education. But now we can say that our education system and our society have changed and given importance to creativity. Now our society gives priorities to create jobs. Interior designing, fashion designing, animation, and cartoonist and so on, these fields are representatives of creative ideas and creative thoughts. Now our new generation people are mostly attracted by such fields. They are fascinated by such professions because they get full freedom to work out their creative thoughts and creative ideas.                         

As our system has changed our social mindset has changed. We educate our children to be a good citizen, to be a hard worker, to live a successful life, respectful of authority, and earn well. At the same time, we have to understand their ability, taste and their interest. Let them select their course and their career if they have done mistakes let them do and they will correct it. Now children are afraid to select their wish and taste because they are afraid of mistakes. Mistakes make them strong and they take the good decision by such experience. Let them live their life according to their wish and interest. So I will say education doesn’t kill creativity. It’s our society and our education system makes their creative thinking and new ideas become lighter. We just have to encourage and give confidence to their ability and skills. We have to let them fly and never slice their wings. Let them be unique and never follow others. Individuality plays an important role in their life. If you are educated it doesn’t mean that you are far away from creativity. It will help you to enhance your level of creativity.

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