CTI Interview Tips and Best Books to Prepare Interview of CTI 2021 in Punjab Colleges

CTI Interview Tips and Best Books to Prepare Interview of CTI 2021 in Punjab Colleges
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Good News for the people of Punjab. 3000 CTI Jobs 2021 are announced and the candidates will get a temporary job in their own area. If you have applied for CTI jobs, then your interview will be held on 21-23 January 2021. To get the CTI Interview tips, watch the video below on our Youtube Channel.

CTI Interview Tips and Best Books to Prepare

Watch the below video for tips and the best books.

Download Application Form for CTI Jobs 2021

Vacant Seat Details for CTI Jobs in Punjab

Download the PDF document below to get the application form and list.

Download Pairing Scheme

Applying Deadline and Dates

Candidates can submit applications on 14 and 15 January 2021.

Duration of CTI Jobs

CTI jobs will be offered for a period of 4 months starting from February 2021.

Required Qualification

BS (Hons) / MA / MSC for Community and Degree Colleges

M.phil / MS / Ph.D. for colleges in which BS classes are taught.

Age Limit

There is no age limit for these jobs.

Must Watch this video for Exact Information

Job is Temporary or Permanent

These jobs are offered purely on a temporary basis and CTIs have no right to continue their job after 4 months.

Schedule of CTI Jobs in Punjab Colleges

1.Date of Application Submission. 14-01-2021 to 15-01-2021

2. Tentative Merit list date. 17-01-2021

3.Objections Removal date. 18-01-2021 to 19-01-2021

4.Final Merit List. 20-01-2021

5.Interview date. 21-01-2021 to 23-01-2021

6.List of Successful Candidates. 25-01-2021

7.Final Merit list. 01-02-2021

8.Orders date. 02-02-2021

The aggregate formula for Degree Colleges

Degree Name with Marks

Matric 15

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FA/Fsc 15

BA/BSc 15

MA/ MSc 40

Ph. D 05

M.phil 03

In the case of BS (Hons)

BS(Hons) 55

FA/Fsc. 15

Matric. 15

Ph. D. 05

M.phill. 03

Interview 05

Aggregate Formula for BS colleges

Ph.D. 25

  1. Phil 20

BS (Hons) / BA or BSc+MA or MSc. 25

Inter. 10

Matric 10

Interview Marks 05

Position Holder marks

1st position in concerned Board/ University 05

2nd position in concerned Board/ University 03

3rd position in concerned Board / University 02

How to apply for CTI College Interns

ایک آپ نے ایپلیکیشن لکھنی ہے میں فلاں ابنِ فلاں اور یہ میری تعلیم یہ میرا ایکسپیرینس اور اپنی متعلقہ جو بھی آپ کا سبجیکٹ ہے اس کے لیے اپلائی کرنا چاہتا ہوں وغیرہ بنام پرنسپل اور ساتھ میں اپنے تمام تعلیمی ڈاکومنٹس اٹیسٹڈ ساتھ میں فوٹو 14-15 ان 2 دنوں میں آپ اُس کالج میں جمع کروا سکتے ہیں-

Interview Details for CTI Punjab Colleges

انٹرویو میں آپ سے اپنے سبجیکٹ سے متعلقہ سوالات کیے جائیں گے اور انکی مرضی ہے آپ سے کلاس ڈیمو بھی لے لیں تو ہر حساب سے تیار ہو کے جانا ہے-