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Tutorial | Convert Roman Urdu To Urdu Automatically or Change Inpage to Unicode

Tutorial | Convert Roman Urdu To Urdu Automatically or Change Inpage to Unicode
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Today, I have come up with a great software review that is about Urdu Unicode conversion and Urdu designing. Its name is URDU Kit. It is a complete package that consists of many software combined in a single one. By the use of which we can do word processing, designing, web development, databases, presentations, publishing, printing, research, and other office work. Journalists, column writers, authors, publishers, researchers, translators, embassies, print, and electronic media can make use of this software.

Convert Roman Urdu To Urdu Automatically

Urdu Kit Inpage to Unicode converter: Through this tool, URDU INPAGE can be converted into Unicode. Therefore, that Unicode can be used in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, websites, databases, UNIX, APPLE, smartphones, tablets, and other systems.

URDU kit 2

URDU kit 3

Urdu Kit Unicode to Inpage Converter: This tool is helpful to take the text from any of the above-mentioned software to Urdu INPAGE. As of publishing, designing, news, media uses INPAGE for their work. Therefore, this tool is useful for those people and offices that want to do work in Inpage URDU.

URDU kit 4

URDU kit 5

URDU kit URDU Text Cleaner: Through this tool, URDU text can be cleaned and removed from their grammar or general errors. Like removing the spaces or punctuation marks and similar. All this is possible with a single click.

URDU kit 6

URDU kit 7

URDU kit English to URDU Dictionary:  This is the best and complete dictionary in the Urdu language. Its presentation is very simple and anyone searches the meaning of a URDU word.

URDU kit 8

URDU kit 9

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This is a paid source if you want to use it commercially. Two other websites are worth mentioning here that provide all these facilitates free of cost.

  1. URDU Changathi: This website provides the following features related to URDU.
    • English to URDU conversion
    • Export URDU text to Image
    • Get different URDU fonts
  2. MbilalM: This website provides the best services for URDU language by developing a small software named Pak Urdu installer which is a small software that enables the users to write URDU in any software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel, etc. The following are the other services provided by this blog.
    • Pak URDU Installer
    • Keyboard and phonetics
    • URDU Typing rules
    • Facebook in URDU fonts
    • inpage to Unicode
    • URDU fonts

Video Tutorial About Setting URDU Language in Computer