Computer Shortcut Keys for Mid and Final Test of Induction Level Training

Computer Shortcut Keys for Mid and Final Test of Induction Level Training
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Induction level training of all scales is taking place at different QAEDs and ADUs. In most of the district pre-test was held that included 5 to 6 question about computer, MS Power Point, Excel, Word and internet. Looking at the test pattern, it is looking that in mid and final test, same rule will be followed.

Computer Shortcut Keys

If you want to get good marks in mid and final test, don’t forget to memorize

Microsoft Word Computer Shortcut Keys

Microsoft word Office 2007 keys are given in different sections and tables below;

Create, save, print and view documents

Shortcut                              What it does
Ctrl+N                         Starts a new blank document.’’’zsw
Ctrl+O                         Displays the Open dialog box.
Ctrl+W                        Closes the active document.
Ctrl+S                          Save a document.
Ctrl+P                          Displays the Print dialog box.
Alt+Ctrl+I                   Switch to and from Print Preview view.
Alt+Ctrl+P                  Switch to Print Layout view.
Alt+Ctrl+O                  Switch to Outline view.
Alt+Ctrl+N                  Switch to Draft view.

Find, replace, and browse through text

Shortcut                               What it does
Ctrl+F                             Displays the Find dialog box.
Alt+Ctrl+Y                     Repeats a find (after closing Find and Replace window).
Ctrl+H                            Displays the Replace dialog box.
Ctrl+G                            Displays the Go To dialog box.
Alt+Ctrl+Z                     Switches between the last four places that you have
Ctrl+Page Up                 Moves to the previous edit location.
Ctrl+Page Down            Moves to the next edit location.

Edit and move text and graphics

Shortcut                                What it does
Backspace                          Deletes one character to the left.
Ctrl+Backspace                  Deletes one word to the left.
Delete                                 Deletes one character to the right.
Ctrl+Delete                         Deletes one word to the right.
Ctrl+Z                                 Undoes the last action.
Ctrl+C                                 Copies selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard.
Ctrl+X                                 Cuts selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboar
Pastes the most recent addition to the Office Clipboard.
Alt+Shift+R                        Copies the header or footer used in the previous section of the
Ctrl+Alt+V                         Shows the Paste Special dialog box.
Ctrl+Shift+V                       Pastes the formatting only.

Insert special characters

Shortcut                                    What it does
Ctrl+F9                                          Inserts a blank field.
Shift+Enter                                    Starts a new line in a paragraph.
Ctrl+Enter                                      Inserts a page break.
Ctrl+Shift+Enter                            Inserts a column break.
Alt+Ctrl+Minus Sign                     Inserts an em dash —
Ctrl+Minus Sign                            Inserts an en dash –
Ctrl+Hyphen                                  Inserts an optional hyphen.
Ctrl+Shift+Hyphen                        Inserts a non-breaking hyphen.
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar                      Inserts a non-breaking space.
Alt+Ctrl+C                                     Inserts the copyright symbol ©.
Al+Ctrl+R                                      Inserts the registered trademark symbol ®.
Alt+Ctrl+T                                     Inserts the trademark symbol™.
Alt+Ctrl+Full Stop                         Inserts an ellipsis.

Select text and graphics

Shortcut                                     What it does
Shift+Right Arrow                     Selects one character to the right.
Shift+Left Arrow                       Selects one character to the left.
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow             Selects to the end of a word.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow               Selects to the beginning of a word.
Shift+End                                   Selects to the end of a line.
Shift+Home                               Selects to the beginning of a line.
Shift+Down Arrow                    Extends the selection one line down.
Shift+Up Arrow                         Extends the selection one line up.
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow           Extends a selection to the end of a paragraph.
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow                Extends a selection to the beginning of a paragraph.
Shift+Page Down                      Extends a selection one screen down.
Shift+Page Up                           Extends a selection one screen up.
Ctrl+Shift+Home                      Extends a selection to the beginning of a document.
Ctrl+Shift+End                         Extends a selection to the end of a document.
-Ctrl+A                                       Selects the entire document.
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Select text in a table

Shortcut                                    What it does
Tab                                         Selects the next cell’s contents.
Shift+Tab                               Selects the preceding cell’s contents.
Shift+Alt+Page Down            In the top cell, selects a column from the top cell to the
                                        bottom cell.
Shift+Alt+Page Up                 In the bottom cell, selects a column from the top cell to the
                                        top cell.
Alt+5 on the numerickeypad
 (with Num Lockoff)              Selects the entire table.

Move the insertion point through a document

Shortcut                   Moves the insertion point:
Left Arrow                         One character to the left.
Right Arrow                       One character to the right.
Ctrl+Left Arrow                 One word to the left.
Ctrl+Right Arrow               One word to the right.
Ctrl+Up Arrow                   One paragraph up.
Ctrl+Down Arrow              One paragraph down.
Up Arrow                            Up one line.
Down Arrow                       Down one line.
End                                     To the end of a line.
Home                                  To the beginning of a line.
Ctrl+Page Down                 To the top of the next page.
Ctrl+Page Up                      To the top of the previous page.
Ctr+End                              To the end of a document.
Ctrl+Home                          To the beginning of a document.
Shift+F5                              To a previous revision.
Shift+F5                              After opening a document, to the location you were
                                     working in when the document was last closed.

Apply character formats

Shortcut                                         What it does
Ctrl+D                              Opens the Font dialog box to change the formatting of
Ctrl+Shif+<                      Decreases the font size one value.
Ctr+Shift+>                      Increases the font size one value.
Ctrl+[                                Decreases the font size 1 point.
Ctrl+]                                Increases the font size 1 point.
Shift+F3                           Changes the case of letters.
Ctrl+Shift+A                    Applies or removes All Caps.
Ctrl+B                               Applies or removes bold formatting.
Ctrl+U                               Applies or removes underlining.
Ctrl+Shift+W                    Applies underline words but not spaces.
Ctrl+Shift+D                     Applies or removes double-underline.
Ctrl+Shift+H                      Applies or removes hidden text formatting.
Ctrl+I                                  Applies or removes italic formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+K                      Applies or removes Small Caps.
Ctrl+Equal Sign                 Applies or removes subscript formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+Plus Sign         Applies or removes superscript formatting.
Ctrl+Spacebar                    Removes character formatting

Apply paragraph formatting

Shortcut                                   What it does
Ctrl+1                          Sets single line spacing.
Ctrl+2                          Sets double line spacing.
Ctrl+5                          Sets 1.5 line spacing.
Ctrl+0 (zero)               Adds or removes one line space preceding a paragraph.
Ctrl+E                        Switches a paragraph between centred and left alignment.
Ctrl+J                         Switches a paragraph between justified and left alignment.
Ctrl+R                       Switches a paragraph between right and left alignment.
Ctrl+L                        Applies left alignment
Ctrl+M                      Indents a paragraph from the left.
Ctrl+Shift+M            Removes a paragraph indent from the left.
Ctrl+T                       Creates a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Shift+T              Reduces a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Q                       Removes paragraph formatting.
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Perform a mail merge

Note: The Ribbon’s Mailings tab must be showing to use these shortcuts.

Shortcut                                           What it does
Alt+Shift+K                                         Previews a mail merge.
Alt+Shift+N                                         Merges a document.
Alt+Shift+M                                        Prints the merged document.
Alt+Shift+E                                         Edits a mail-merge data document.
Alt+Shift+F                                         Inserts a merge field.

Work with fields

Shortcut                                           What it does
Alt+Shift+D                                        Inserts a DATE field.
Alt+Ctrl+L                                          Inserts a LISTNUM field.
Alt+Shift+P                                         Inserts a PAGE field.
Alt+Shift+T                                         Inserts a TIME field.
Ctrl+F9                                                Inserts an empty field.
F9                                                        Updates selected fields.
Shift+F9                                              Switches between a selected field code and its                                .                                                 result.
Alt+F9                                                 Switches between all field codes and their results.
F11                                                    Goes to the next field.
Shift+F11                                          Goes to the previous field.
Ctrl+F11                                            Locks a field.
Ctrl+Shift+F11                                  Unlocks a field.


Function key reference


Function Key                                 Open the Help window .
 Shift+Function Key                             Display the RevealFormatting Pane.
  Alt+FunctionKey                             Go to the next field.


   Function Key                                  Move text orgraphics.
   Shift+Function Key                      Copy text.
   Ctrl+Functionkey                              Switch to Print Preview view

F3 Function Key

 Shift+Functionkey                         Change the case of letters.
 Ctrl+FunctionKey                          Cut to the Spike.
 Alt+FunctionKey                           Create a new Building Block.


Function Key                                 Repeat the last action.
 Shift+FunctionKey                         Repeat a Find or Go To action.
 Ctrl+FunctionKey                          Close the window.
 Alt+FunctionKey                            Exit Word.


 Function Key                               Display the Go To dialog box.
 Shift+FunctionKey                       Move to the last change.
 Alt+FunctionKey                         Restore the Word window size.


Function Key                               Go to the next pane or frame.
Shift +FunctionKey                     Go to the previous pane or frame(after pressingF6).
Ctrl+FunctionKey                        Go to the next window.
 Alt+FunctionKey                         Move from an open dialog box back to
                                                    the document, for dialog boxes such as Find

and Replace that support this behaviour.


Function Key                               Show the Spelling dialog box.
Shift+FunctionKey                       Show the Thesaurus task pane.
Alt+FunctionKey                          Find the next spelling or grammatical error.


Function Key                                         Extend a selection.
Shift+FunctionKey                                 Shrink a selection.
Alt+FunctionKey                                    Run a macro.


 Function Key                                   Update the selected fields.
Shift+FunctionKey                            Switch between a field code and its result.
Ctrl+FunctionKey                              Insert an empty field.
Alt+FunctionKey                                Switch between all field codes and their results.


Function Key                                    Show KeyTips on the Ribbon.
Shift+FunctionKey                            Display a shortcut menu.
Ctrl+FunctionKey                             Maximize the document window.
Alt+FunctionKey                              Maximize the Word window.


Function Key                             Go to the next field.
Shift+FunctionKey                     Go to the previous field.

Ctrl+FunctionKey                       Lock a field.

 Alt+FunctionKey                       Display the Microsoft Visual Basic code window.


 Function Key                             Show the Save As dialog box.
 Shift+FunctionKey                     Save the changes to the document.
  Ctrl+Function                            Show the Open dialog box.