Microsoft is not Developing Windows 10 Mobile Anymore
The tweet by Microsoft Joe Belfiore has now confirmed that the company no more focuses on building new features and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile platform. Although, it will continue supporting the platform and providing updates to security and bug fixes but building new features and hardware are not the focus now. Last year, Joe… (0 comment)

Best Free and Paid Online Courses for Web Designing
Getting a hands-on learning experience while sitting on your comfortable couch, is now easy with the help of online courses and tutorials. Here, you will be introduced with the fast learning platforms where you can get access to multiple learning materials for improving your web designing skills. 1. Lynda Lynda is an online learning platform… (0 comment)

How to Work as a Successful Freelance Writer?
If you feel the urge to write and you know inside that you are a good writer, you can turn your talent into a money-earning tool. Freelance writing is not an unheard word for anyone now. People are well familiar with this field. From students to housewives to even working men, almost everyone is making… (0 comment)

How to Make Windows Startup Faster
One minute, three minutes, five minutes, do you have to wait a considerable amount of time for your system to startup? Hopefully no more than three minutes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were longer. The reality is that the computer is required to load quite a large number of files and services, something… (0 comment)

Social Media Marketing for SMEs with Low Budget
SMBs and small businesses are generally attracted to social media marketing, for two simple reasons: one, you can reach your specific audience at a lower cost than traditional marketing. And two, you see the great possibility of increasing your sales, right? Well afterwards comes the stage of study, learning and planning of the strategy (three…

Uber Launched Self-Driving Car on the US for the First Time
Uber has continuously addressed the issues faced by common people. It has done a lot to make commuting within a city more soothing and comfortable. In continuation to their innovative solutions, they have started driver less cars for ground transportation in downtown Pittsburg that is equipped with the latest technology gadgets to relieve the person… (0 comment)

SEO Class 10 – How to Fix Google Crawl Errors
When Google Crawlers or spiders visit your website, they may face some difficulty to visit certain part of your website. So they simply skip those pages and show the errors in your webmaster account. These errors may be due to deleted pages, comments, unresponsiveness or some other things like invalid css, iframes, javascript files. Disadvantages… (0 comment)