How to Change Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8
Great news for those computer users who want to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 on their computer but due to the low specification of their computer, they are unable to do it. Now you can transform your Windows XP into Windows 7 or 8 which will exactly look like the original given below… (0 comment)

How to Run your Computer for Gaming Mode?
Sometimes our PC or laptops hang up or slow down during playing a game. It is a common problem, when you have PC specifications are low, multiple programs are running or due to a lot of junk files in Ram. Run your Computer for Gaming Mode? Today’s I have come with software which can help… (0 comment)

How to Speed up Your Computer & Laptop?
How to speed up your computers and laptops? We know that speed is a real concern for most of us on our computers and laptops. Sometimes when you open two to three tabs in chrome, opens a game or open multiple files i.e. multi-tasking computer hangs ups or works quite slowly. Then you will think… (0 comment)