Video Editing Software and Apps for YouTube Creators
YouTube has transcended from being a simple video hosting platform. Right now, it is nothing less than a phenomenon. Millions of people all over the world prefer YouTube to traditional TV. Creating videos for YouTube can be a rewarding process irrespective of your ambitions. If you wish to create engaging videos for YouTube then you… (0 comment)

Tutorial How to Change Voice in Skype
Facebook is full of cheats and bluffs where girls show themselves as boys and boys show themselves as girls just to attract the opposite gender. People steal the pictures from Facebook and use them as their own profile pictures and albums. After that, they add friends. All this goes on smoothly through Facebook messenger chat… (0 comment)

Amazing Software for Photo Editing
Most of the people think that only Adobe Photoshop is best for editing the photos. Yes, it is but what to do when you are not expert enough to use it. In this case, some small but handy software can be used effectively. One such software is PhotoScape that is capable of editing your photos… (0 comment)

How to Install Windows from your Saved Backup?
Today software is about a corrupt window. Windows operating system is used by most of the people in the world. Hopefully, the readers of this blog will be using this also. Although windows is very reliable and easy to use but sometimes it will be corrupted due to some virus attack or deletion of some… (0 comment)

How to Repair or Format Damaged Memory Card or USB
Sometimes memory cards and USB are damaged in such a way that we can’t recover our data from them. If we want to format them, they give us an error message i.e. neither they recover nor format. Today I have come with such software that solved all my problems of memory card. One of my… (0 comment)