Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Twitter
While social media is engrained in nearly every part of our culture today, recently, Twitter has appeared to take on center stage. Every day, it seems like the media, and often the world, are focused on what President Trump has tweeted out that day or what the latest outrage-of-the-day is. Twitter has grown beyond simply… (0 comment)

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Google Plus
Launched in mid-2011 Google Plus was the fourth attempt by the online giant into social networking. Not only was Google trying to add another layer of social functions on its various platforms, but they hoped to take on Twitter and Facebook with new features. In just four months after its launch, G+ hit 25 million… (0 comment)

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Firefox
Mozilla Firefox has been around for many years, and it has been a breakthrough alternative against Internet Explorer.  However, this browser seemed to be turning for the worst as many other efficient browser options spring up for web users.  Below are Top 10 Reasons to Hate Firefox and consider other browsers instead. We all know… (0 comment)

10 Reasons to Hate Google Chrome
Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser.  Thanks to the prevalence of portable mobile devices and the polarity of the Android platform, it is now number one internet browser across all devices. The browser also offers interesting features that allow users to customize their browsing experience.  Many users hail the browser for its performance.… (0 comment)

How to Use Heatmaps to Fire up Your UX
When you have a website for your company, you want to get as many people as possible to pay a visit, as it is extremely important for your business. However, getting traffic isn’t the only crucial part, as you also need to pay attention to what visitors do on your website? Are they able to… (0 comment)

Project Management Software Features and Functionality
Big organizations and corporate firms have heaps of obligations – from making presentations to managing assets and meetings throughout the day. On a tedious and hectic day, the workload turns out to be very overpowering. To mechanize tedious operations and managing an extensive group of experts, managers require the best undertaking administration programming arrangement. Numerous… (0 comment)

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Auction Software?
As most of the auction software is known to provide an accurate output, it is evident that people would like to use it on a regular basis to grow in the market in a quick span of time. Some of the Top 5 Reasons to Buy Auction Software are given here; Convenience to use it… (0 comment)