The Most Popular Type of Gaming Apps 2017
From the past few years, a steady increase has been seen in the number of smartphones. Subsequently, the mobile technology has taken over the world by storm, leading to the surge of mobile apps. With the evolution of improved techniques and cutting edge-techniques, mobile technology is influencing millions of lives across multitudes of industries, ranging… (0 comment)

How to Write Content for Mobile Devices Users
Mobile content is a snack content. Long pieces of texts are dead. Nowadays, people do not read but look through pictures and videos. And the more in further, the more clip like thinking of youth becomes. They do not focus on anything for longer than 7 seconds. It was among TOP mistakes of internet marketing… (1 comment)

Useful Apps for Mobile Document Management
The amount of data that we store is increasing every day. Whether you are working, studying or just taking care of your expenses, the amount of document that you create, use or share is enormous. Some help with handling those piles of documents would be more than welcome. Nowadays, relying only on a computer to… (0 comment)

Google has Officially Released Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
Google is at the forefront of the mobile operating system and software field but now Google is strengthening its step in harder market. Google has introduced the second-generation phone Google pixel 2 and XL model. Google pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 2xL is a Premium Device. Its 18: 9 P-OLED screen looks like a LGBV… (0 comment)

What is Samsung Bixby and How It Works?
Bixby is a virtual assistant (personal assistant) developed by Samsung Electronics. Bixby mimics Google Personal Assistant in all way, but stays different from being more conversational and apologetic when it messes up. This AI powered voice assistant can make device interaction easier. Bixby is available with Samsung devices Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Note 8.… (0 comment)

10 iOS Apps which Help in Increasing Productivity
Time is more valuable than money because it is time which can actually help in gaining more success. You need to devise ways through which your time can be used more efficiently resulting in better productivity for yourself and your business. In today’s world, relying on technology will help you in achieving your goals faster.… (0 comment)