Atomic Energy Jobs 2021
Atomic Energy Jobs 2021 Pakistan Atomic Energy Job 2021 is offering great regular and contract job opportunities eligible for respective candidates of nationality holders of Pakistan within the various sectors in the Atomic Energy, whereby candidates are expected to maintain official responsibilities within the department at the highest level without any barriers. As per the announcement… (0 comment)

Provincial EST v/s Federal SST in FGEI
FGEI is the department whereby vacancies are announced annually in the EST, TGT, and SST sectors. The cohorts of candidates who apply for those jobs are fresh candidates and some of them are currently working for the Jobs in the Provincial Government Schools 2021. This post is relevant to the people who are already working within… (0 comment)

Joining the FGEI Department 2021
Joining the FGEI Department 2021 I am writing about this vacant post through the platform. I will be discussing the FGEI department. Introduction of FGEI Department? FGEI is the department that offers vacant posts for EST, TGT, and SST annually. Many people work as professional teachers in the Government Departments when the opportunity is… (0 comment)

Rehmatul-lil-alameen Scholarship Scheme 2021 for inter & Graduation Students by HED Punjab
Great news for 1st year and 2nd-year students from the Government of Punjab. Rahmathul Aalameen Scholarship program 2019, 2020, 2021 announced by the Chief Minister of Punjab. The government of Punjab is offering Rahmatullah Aalameen scholarships for the most deserving and prominent students who cannot afford the costs of studies. Those students who are eligible… (0 comment)

Prime Minister Talented Pakistan Program – Batch no 2
Prime Minister Talented Pakistan Program – Batch no 2 The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has recently taken the initiative in launching the Talented Pakistan Program Batch number 2, open to more than 700 admissions which have been officially announced encompassing the standard institutes and industrial sectors around 200 Plus Hi Tech and traditional… (0 comment)

AIOU Result Terms Explained in Detail 2021
AIOU Result Terms Explained in Detail 2021 Among the major academic structures in Pakistan, AIOU is the only major distant learning program structured in order to assess the student community even from remote areas with respect to the deliverance of quality education by all means as per the mission and vision of AIOU. AIOU Result… (0 comment)

Matriculation Subjects Pairing Scheme 2021
Matriculation Subjects Pairing Scheme 2021 Among the best strategies in regards to the Exam Preparation Pairing Scheme, assessments are considered as the best schemes within the same spectrum specifically when there is a maximum structural knowledge in terms of utilisation within the exam by examiners. Matriculation pairing scheme 2021 or assessments can be taken as… (0 comment)

BISE Multan Board 9th Class Result 2021
The soil of our country is richest with talents, and a little guidance resulted in huge output. Like any developed district of Pakistan. Multan is also a champion in the field of knowledge and study. Especially, the school level education drastically improved in the last decade. So concerning the result of 9th class, we do… (0 comment)

STI Jobs 2021 Step by Step Guide to Apply
The Government of Punjab in Pakistan is offering a great initiative for the project of School Teaching Internships 2021- 2022 keeping in view the consistently increasing demand for teachers within the government schools of Punjab to cater for diverse and inclusive cohorts of students’ needs. The time frame for the above-mentioned School Teacher Interns specified… (0 comment)

BISE Gujranwala 9th Class Result 2021
Like other major cities of Pakistan, Gujranwala is also making its prime focus towards the development of education and educational institutions. It is also Pakistan’s prominent and larger city concerning population that is why BISE Gujranwala has diverted its attention to facilitate the students thus, enabling them a good academic position in the upcoming BISE… (0 comment)