SEO Class 2: What are Backlinks
Today, I will tell you about backlinks, their role and importance in SEO, and how to get quality backlinks. You can read the first class what is SEO and course introduction here. What are backlinks? A backlink is a link or URL of your website that is present on some other site will act as… (0 comment)

SEO Class 1- What is SEO and Why we Need it
Hi, I am starting a basic course for learning SEO which is divided into different classes. In initial classes, I will explain the basics and gradually the course will move forward to professional SEO. Therefore, it is equally beneficial for starters, intermediate, and experts. This free course is dedicated to those who want to be… (0 comment)

SEO Course by Jawad Tahir – Links of all Classes
Today I am going to start SEO course and I assure you that if you will follow these classes, you will be able to get huge traffic on your website. SEO plays an important role to rank a website in search engines. As there are Moderator, super moderator, and other ranks on a forum. Similarly,… (0 comment)