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Buyers Guide to Solar Pool Heaters

Buyers Guide to Solar Pool Heaters
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When it comes to swimming pool heating systems, people are generally used to choosing a gas or electric pool heating system and that is why, when they start to consider purchasing solar swimming pool heating system to rationalize their energy bills, it becomes a tough task. The reason why it becomes a tough task is because the people do not have the kind of knowledge of solar swimming pool heating system as they have of gas or electric heating system. And, since the cost of installing a solar pool heating system can be a bit on the expensive side at the start, it is better to do your research and be aware of products available in the market, specifics one need to know before installing solar pool heaters and be well versed with what the solar pool heating is all about. It will not only help you make an informed decision, it will also help you save a considerable amount of money and time as well in various ways.

However, the first thing you need to know as a first time buyer of a swimming pool heating system is the reason why you should choose a solar pool heating system. The answer is simple–

  • Save on energy bills.
  • Extend your swimming season.
  • The solar heating system is durable and generally lasts for 40 years and more.
  • Negligible amount of maintenance required.
  • Solar pool heating system is eco-friendly.

Buyers Guide to Solar Pool HeatersAlso, the solar swimming pool heating system can work alongside the already installed traditional heating system (gas or electric) in your pool. It is easy to operate and the recurring charge per month on fuel is zero. However, you will be surprised to know that there are many other inexpensive ways too that you can use to heat up your pool by solar products easily available on market at reasonable prices. One of the most inexpensive ways of heating up your pool with solar energy is by using solar pool covers. It absorbs the heat from the sunlight and transforms the same to the pool and due to the design and material it is made up of, it reduces the loss of heat from the pool, thereby keeping your pool warm for a long time. There are liquid solar covers available at Amazon as well, which comes with the special liquid filled in it that not only absorbs the heat from the sunlight at a faster pace, it stays warm for the longer period of time, ensuring that your pool stays warm for a longer period.

Solar blanker and solar panels are also available online at reasonable prices that help in keeping the swimming pool at a warm temperature. Solar heating disk and solar heat pump can also be ordered at stores. However, while selecting which product to buy, you need to make sure that you choose a product that will work perfectly for your pool, something which you can easily check after calculating the dimension of your pool. Roof top and above ground pool heating systems can also be bought at Amazon at remarkable prices that will suffice your requirements as well as fit your budget easily.

  • How a Solar Pool Heating System Works.
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In its basic description, solar pool heating works by pumping water through tubes designed to collect solar energy. This water is heated and then circulated via your swimming pool pump back into the pool.  There are a variety of options and methods for installing these tubes ranging from pool side for an above ground pool to being installed out of site on a roof top of pool house. To see pictures of current installation options please visit our sample installation page.

Buyers Guide to Solar Pool Heaters 2

The next element that can be added to the solar heating system is called an Actuator which is a valve to control how much hot water is allowed into the pool.   This system works with a thermometer set up to tell the actuator valve when to let the warm water into the flow of the circulating pump water.   The valve concept works by putting a 3 way T system in the pool circulation system and when the thermostat detects the temperature dropping, it opens the valve to let in the hot water heated by the solar tubes.    With out this type of device the hot water produced by the tubes just continually circulates into the pool and can make the water too warm for a refreshing swim on a hot, sunny day.

Where to install solar pool heating tubes?

The roof of your home is the ideal place to install a solar pool heating system.

Deciding to go for a solar pool heating system can not only save you a lot of money on your monthly fuel costs, but allow you to enjoy your pool as much as you want throughout the year. The fuel cost with the solar pool heating system is zero as the energy from the sun is free for all. However, many people are skeptical about solar pool heating system because it’s not the standard choice of most of the people and therefore, have lots of unanswered questions that make it even more difficult to make the right decision of installing a solar pool heating system.

The basic questions I had when I was considering installing a solar pool heating system was what would the cost be for complete installation of the system, how much money on fuel costs I would be saving annually, how much I need to spend on its maintenance, is the solar pool heating system really durable and dependable as it says and will the result be similar to gas and electric solar heaters? Well, these are the questions that many have and fortunately for me, I did the research and found that he answers to the all of the above fell on the positive side, something which really impressed me and made me install the solar pool heating system for my swimming pool.

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Buyers Guide to Solar Pool Heaters 3

Now, once you have done your research on the solar pool heating system and reached a decision to install the solar heater for your swimming pool, you need to decide whether you would be going for the commercial installation or will go the DIY way. Most of the solar pool heating systems come with DIY manual and guide, which will walk you step by step in the process of installing the solar heaters yourself. It might seem complicated in the beginning, but once you start with it, you are to find it interesting as well as simple. Of course, any technical experience would definitely add the flavor of excitement in your experience with the installation.

The main question during the installation is where you should install the solar pool heating tubes. It goes without a say that solar pool heating tubes are the main component of the solar pool heating system as it captures the sun’s energy and transfers the heat energy captured to the water of your pool. One can say it’s the heart of the system.

Since, the solar pool heaters are dependent upon the sun for extracting the energy; it is needless to say that the solar pool heaters should be installed where they can get the maximum exposure without any hindrance. Ideally, the terrace is the best place for installing solar pool heating tubes as over there, not only they can get the direct exposure, but it also stays hidden in a way so as to not interfere with the looks of your house. Many people who do not have the provision of installing the solar pool heating tubes in terrace can also install it close to one end of the pool where it is used less. The main aim is to ensure that the solar pool heating tubes are able to get maximum sunlight throughout the day and therefore, any structural hindrance over its top or near it can result in lowering the performance of the solar heating system. It must ensure that the solar heating tubes are facing south or tilted towards it because in the otherwise case, it will not be able to perform as it is expected.

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