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The Best Places to Learn Blogging and Make Money Online

The Best Places to Learn Blogging and Make Money Online
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So you want to make money online?

Why am I not surprised?

Well, because every single person in this world wants to make money online.

The Internet has changed the trends from just entertainment and emails to online business and entrepreneurship.

When we talk about making money online, there are so many ways such as online surveys, data entry, virtual assistant, various freelance jobs or blogging.

Blogging has proved to be the best way to make money online. It not just helps you to make money online but actually open doors of thousands of opportunities.

I am living bloggers dream life enjoying time freedom, money freedom, and even location freedom. I have learned so much from blogging not just money, such as name and fame.

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I have seen the success like

  • $1000/ from a single post
  • $800 every day from the same client.
  • Purchased sports bike worth Rs. 3,35,000 from just 2 months earning
  • Refurnished old house.
  • Interviewed by various blogs & publications

Blogging help you live boss free life and you will have the opportunity to become an online entrepreneur.

Now as you know that blogging helps you to make money and become famous the same time. Let me tell you the best place from where you can learn blogging and make money online.

When it comes to blogging, you have a list of options. I am sharing the major places.

1) eAskme:

Since 2013, eAskme is ranking high for learn blogging online. You cannot just learn blogging from the helpful guides and tutorials on eAskme, but also you can join the high ranking “Learn Blogging Online” course.

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You can also learn about SEO both on-page, offstage techniques, and WordPress tutorials.

2) Mashable:

If you are still looking for an answer that you should start a multi-niche blog or a micro niche blog, then you should look at Mashable. Mashable is a multi-niche blog yet they rank for micro niche keywords also.

On Mashable you can read articles and news on every topic from technology to entertainment. It will also help you to find out in which topic you have more interest and choose the same topic for your blog.

3) HubSpot:

You want to start blogging and you are looking for the answer that if you should write long articles or short articles, then you should look at the content of Hubspot. The content you will find on hubspot cover all the major factors of one topic in one article.

That means you not just focus on length but actually focus on adding value to the user experience and resolve the issue without worrying about length.

4) Quicksprout:

If you want to learn about internet marketing than quicksprout is really helpful for you. Though you will find the articles quite lengthy still you will find enough knowledge to boost any Internet marketing campaign.

This is helpful in blogging and helps you boost your readership.

5) Backlinko:

Are you a blogger who is struggling to improve backlink profile? If yes, then you can take help of Backlinko. Brian Dean has clearly shared everything to help you attract more high-quality backlinks to your site or blog.

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All you need is focus on what you want and get the answer for the same.

So you see these are the 5 sites that you should follow if you want to be successful in blogging. These sites only help you to start your own blog but also tell you how to become a professional blogger.

Do you still have any question? Feel free to ask me via comments.