Best Free and Paid Online Courses for Web Designing

Best Free and Paid Online Courses for Web Designing
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Getting a hands-on learning experience while sitting on your comfortable couch, is now easy with the help of online courses and tutorials. Here, you will be introduced to the fast learning platforms where you can get access to multiple learning materials for improving your web designing skills.

Best Free and Paid Online Courses for Web Designing

1. Lynda

Lynda is an online learning platform where you can learn easily from different video tutorials. They provide various software categories to users to create websites for their practice, work while you learn, or just simply improve your skills with the help of their videos.

You get an option to select an author of your choice from a number of authors, choose the expert level, and many other options for learning. Lynda requires the user to sign up to their website before proceeding to different online courses. This website is paid but also grants a free trial for 30 days to its users.

2. W3School

It is a web developer’s site, where you can learn from a variety of online tutorials. W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and guidance. The user is capable of acquiring complete knowledge of web designing and development with the help of the working examples they provide.

Moreover, it is open-source which provides a platform to edit and type your own code for practice. Many educational institutes also seek help from this site as it provides simple code explanations with complete illustrations. These tutorials are free to use and can be accessed from anywhere which starts from basic to advance level. W3Schools also offer certified programs especially for busy professionals who want to pursue their careers in the related field. You need to register yourself to get started with these certifications.

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3. Alison

Alison offers a free online diploma in web designing. The user can get practical skills to create their own website which was lacking before. This portal is aimed to give learning skills to the novice as well as intermediate web designers. Alison is absolutely free where you can also check your progress of learning, time to time.

4. Treehouse Library

Treehouse Library is a website that provides many different courses to bring reasonable technology education to everyone where you can polish your web designing skills on the go. It is a paid course forum but gives a 7-days free trial to its users. You will be able to get access to more than 1,000 video courses by expert teachers on multiple technologies. At the end of each course, Treehouse Library assign quizzes to the users to test their learning skills.

5. Udemy

Udemy has been a great help when it comes to achieving proficiency in web designing. It presents high-quality free and premium courses to students who visit to learn online. Udemy not only gives beginners a platform to study but professionals can also make great use of it by uploading their own tutorials and teaching materials.

Many other online courses can be accessed easily. Apart from online courses and tutorials, you can also get access to some other online resources, such as books, direct help from professionals, etc. You can achieve your favorite job position in a software house or other organizations by simply getting enough knowledge and hands-on experience of working with tutorials.

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Studying without performing similar tasks will not make you learn efficiently. It is necessary to practice and study side by side. However, it is a good option to keep you updated by participating in such certified programs. This will not aid in building your resume but will also help you in your career growth and thus, you will be advanced in your own field as well.