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Anesthetic Cancer – 77% of Videos Were Misleading

Anesthetic Cancer – 77% of Videos Were Misleading
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Beware, if there is any illness, go to your real doctor, do not trust Doctor or Google, YouTube at all.

77% of millions of bladder cancer on YouTube have found many errors and misleading information.

According to the British newspaper, a new research report has said that in recent years, the trend of approaching Google instead of its true physician has increased the health of the Americans.

More than 60% of people only do their time to find solutions for health issues online.

According to the report, there are over 5 million videos related to bladder cancer, over 77% of these videos are based on misleading and misleading information.

New York University researchers say that these informational videos cause more damage than the benefit, they mislead the men to think that they do not need screening and they can cure cancer through their herbs.

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