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Amazing Software for Photo Editing

Amazing Software for Photo Editing
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Most of the people think that only Adobe Photoshop is best for editing the photos. Yes, it is but what to do when you are not expert enough to use it. In this case, some small but handy software can be used effectively. One such software is PhotoScape that is capable of editing your photos in your desired way.

Amazing Software for Photo Editing


Functions of PhotoScape

PhotoScape is multi-functioning i.e. it can do a different task like

Viewer: You can better view your photos.

Editor: Edit your photos like framing, changing background, giving effect, contrast etc.

Combine: Combine multiple photos in a single photo

Animated GIFs: Make animated GIFs

Print: Print your images

Splitter: Split your photos into multiple pieces.

Screen Capture: Capture the whole screen or a part of a screen

Color Picker: Pick a color from the photo.

Raw Converter: Change a raw format photo to a jpg file photo.

Rename: Rename the photos in bulk as needed like add a prefix or postfix for all photos, add date and time with the name of each photo.

Download PhotoScape here


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