AIOU Result Terms Explained in Detail 2021

AIOU Result Terms Explained in Detail 2021
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AIOU Result Terms Explained in Detail 2021

Among the major academic structures in Pakistan, AIOU is the only major distant learning program structured in order to assess the student community even from remote areas with respect to the deliverance of quality education by all means as per the mission and vision of AIOU.

AIOU Result Terms 2021 Clarification:

As per the examination, the mechanism delivered the result terms clarification in terms of facilitation towards the student community from all areas of Pakistan.

The following are the major result terms that did address by AIOU with respect to clarification.

  • R/E: Re-Appear in exams (No Fee)
  • R/W: Re-Appear in workshops (Fee)
  • R/EW: Re-Appear in exams and workshops (fee of the workshop)
  • A/W: Again Appear in the workshop (fee)
  • A/E: Again appear in exams (No fee)
  • A/EW: Again appear in exams and workshops (fee)
  • RL: Result Late
  • Fail: Readmission

Terms Explanation:

R/E means that exams will be conducted again. Other than that FAIL means that the candidates need to readmission within the required subject and will again need to deliver assignments, attend classes and reappear in exams because of late or non-submission of assignments.

In addition to that RW stands with respect to the candidate who did not attend the workshops so it is required to attend the workshops of the same subjects within next year or next semester, otherwise the sanction of degree will be possible by AIOU.

This should also need to be put in notice upon serious grounds that within the same situation in terms of not attending workshop regularly three times will be declared complete failed in the same subject by the AIOU, ultimately again new process will need to be revised from the beginning within the same subject. AR/W means that this is your last chance. After this, you need to readmission in the same subject from the start.

AIOU information:

  • Those who have mentioned R/E, A/E in their result will just have an exam without admission. Exams will be conducted in April/May and slips will be issued.
  • Those who have mentioned R/W, A/W in their results did fail in the workshops by these candidates. All these candidates need to submit the challan of 500 PKR per code. Currently, the workshops are going on; all those candidates are eligible to join the current workshops.
  • Those who have mentioned R/EW in results, their exams, and workshops both are failed. All those candidates need to reappear in exams and workshops.
  • All those candidates having N.A.W mentioned on the results are required to submit the workshop’s challan. They will have separate classes and will not be able to access online results. Candidates with regional campuses will forward with the application, only since after the results will be shown manually.


All those candidates who are still facing issues are advised to visit the Regional Centers of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).