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A Guide to #1 Page in Google

A Guide to #1 Page in Google
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What do you think is the ultimate goal of every website owner?

Everyone likes to be at the top position at any field. Similarly, every website owner dreams of bagging the number one position rank on google.

For example, if a person searches about a certain topic or keyword as a website owner you would want your website to be shown as the first preference. That is why every website owner dreams of achieving the top position.

Have you wondered why is it intriguing to be at top few results?

Here are few reasons why everyone prefers to be at the top position ::

  • In this modern world who doesn’t like being in limelight. We all wish to be seen by claiming the top position. We all are constantly trying to prove that we are better than the rest and so is the same with websites. You should always consider hiring bloggers to review your service. Being in top of SEO, increases your visibility to the viewers thus prospering your website.
  • It increases traffic to your website and not being in top has disadvantages of its own. It is a well-known fact that every user in search of answers, information and services end up browsing the top 10 results that are on first page.
  • It earns you a niche among your competitors. A healthy competition is always encouraged between the websites as they race for the top positions.

When you search for a specific topic your eyes instantly go to the first result provided. To be there is what every website owner dreams of.

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After reading the pros of getting placed on top results in google one must be wondering how is it done. I have jot down few points and the following tips will guide you to your ultimatum.

  1. Optimise your website in a certain way that google can comprehend it. It can be done with the help of title to give a head-start to your content, a brief description, bold headings that differentiate topics, added image for clearer perspective and last but not the least, highlighting the keywords.
  2. In a world of constant urge for change we all thrive for latest information. Hence it is always advisable to refresh your website with new content time to time. Add informative content and resources to help understand your viewers about the working of your site. Google seeks for useful content that is relevant and resourceful. It helps you get placed in top posts.
  3. Focus on particular realistic keywords for effective blogging. This will gain visibility to the viewers that will lead them to your site. The main goal of your keyword research is to discover opportunities where you can publish content on high authority websites.
  4. Backlinks have proved to play an important role in SEO. This is achieved by guest blogging. Become a guest blogger on popular sites and write an effective content providing backlinks to your own website. This is another way of improving traffic to your website
  5. Social media and digital marketing also help in improving traffic by reaching to maximum number of audience. This will gain popularity to your website and attracting audience.
  6. Most of the higher ranked websites tend to have a shorter title and URL. A quirky title always grabs the attention of the viewers. Shorter URLs proved to contain the keyword the viewer searches for without hassle.
  7. Everything being said and done you must always analyse and refine your strategies. Nothing can be done perfectly but identifying and rectifying you’re flaws can get you closer to your dreams.
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I hope you found the article helpful and informative. Keep a note on all the points you need to focus and work on them so you can bag the top positions. It might not be a cake walk but it sure isn’t impossible. Good luck and thank you.