7 Smart Ways Millennials Study Effectively

7 Smart Ways Millennials Study Effectively
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“Study now, be proud later.”

That’s one of the popular quotes you’ll find on studying in social media sites. It is meant to encourage students to really focus on the value of studying in improving their lives. It is a wonderful reminder for them to keep on moving forward, and to do so by exerting the right effort.

But apart from powerful adages, today’s students are using other creative methods to deal with the typical demands of school life. In fact, many of them manage to make studying not just an interesting activity but an exciting one as well. If you visit YouTube, you will marvel at how millennials are sharing their best tips and tricks to “rocking” school life and making the most out of it.

If you need a solid boost in studying, here are some of the smart ways millennials effectively go about it.

1. Investing in pretty yet functional school supplies

A complete arsenal of chic school supplies never fails to inspire young people to study. As superficial as it may be, a lot of students say that they take notes more when they have a nice pen and notebook. And to make note-taking even more effective, they use highlighters to emphasize important points as well as sticky notes to jot down additional helpful information.

2. Improving their handwriting

Learning calligraphy (or faux calligraphy) makes taking notes more fun. It is always nice to distinguish the headline of your notes, the terminologies, and their definitions more easily through the differences in how they are written.

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Essentially, it’s just a nice little trick to incorporate especially when classes are long and teachers do all the talking.

3. Create a study journal

Use a planner journal to tackle daily studying requirements to keep information fresh in your memory. Use it to schedule study sessions, as well as to track your progress.

Say, you have been taking ESL classes to become more fluent in English, monitor your expanding vocabulary, as well as the comments or feedback you have been getting from your English language teacher.

4. Recording classes

“Learning by ear” actually works. Most young people these days are combined learners and have no problem listening to lectures and discussions, especially when they are going about other activities such as doing household chores or exercising. Recording classes helps young students replay information to store in their memory.

5. Talk out loud

Vocalizing what you know creates a “sensory imprint” — you feel it, you hear it. Students found out that saying what they know out loud helps them remember information better, especially when they are taking exams. They say that the sound bubbles to the surface of their memory and releases the information they need in a clear way.

6. Turn study nights into game nights

A lot of youngsters these days make learning fun by turning their lessons into quiz items for games similar to Jeopardy. This is an enjoyable way to learn although it does require additional preparation. However, if it is possible to get teachers involved, students can just come and enjoy the quiz show setting.

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It is worth noting, too, that turning lessons into games somehow improve learners’ ability to retain information. This is because the fact learned is associated with experiences wherein people are fully engaged mentally and physically. In addition to this, since students learn in a fun atmosphere, the stress of learning is diminished. They are less afraid to express their doubts and questions.

Some of the best games to use for studying lessons are Jeopardy, Pictionary, Charades, Trivial Pursuit, and racing games.

7. Reward hard work

Nothing motivates students more than knowing that their all their “intellectual toiling” will be rewarded in the end. Many of them list the rewards that they like such as finally getting to spend the weekend with their friends to watch a movie, or getting something new at the mall. Parents like to get in on this as well and promise their children gifts, especially if top marks are achieved after a test.

Study smart

Studying may not be young people’s most favorite activity, but it does not need to be a task they hate. Smart approaches can make a world of difference.

Hopefully, the seven shared here can help you study better to improve your academic performance and give you something to be proud of.

Author Bio: Sybil AbouRahal-Jones is the Marketing & Communications Manager at The English College in Dubai. She majored in Graphic Design and has experience of 20 years working in Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing and Communications.