6 Steps to Get a Custom E-commerce Store Designed and Developed in Less than $500

6 Steps to Get a Custom E-commerce Store Designed and Developed in Less than $500
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Forget everything! Let’s start this discussion from the ground level. Turning an idea into a successful business is not an easy thing. And this is the reality you cannot change!  First of all, getting a perfect start for your business is extremely important.

Even Starting a Business is not a Cakewalk

A lot of effort goes into starting a business to perfection. One has to be on money in-terms of taking every single business decision. Almost 80% business in the world fail just because they don’t get a good start. Securing a flawless commencement for your business on industrial front involves taking accurate strategic, financial decisions and accurate completion of key legal activities and a lot more. Such as:

  • Development of a business plan
  • Seeking enough and accurate assistance and training for business
  • Finding a suitable location for business purpose
  • Securing finances for business
  • Determining all the legal structure involved in business
  • Getting the name of business registered
  • Making sure the business gets registered for state and local taxes
  • Obtaining licenses and permits for business
  • Learning and fulfilling employer responsibilities
  • Finding assistance on local level
  • Getting startup resources etc.
  • Understanding the business market thoroughly and ways to fulfill consumer demands


These are some of the basics you need to get executed perfectly to ensure a perfect start for your business in the offline world. Out of all these, ensuring financial assistance or backup for business purpose at local level is the most important activity to get your business off to perfect start.

But Here Comes Twist in the Tail!

Are you sure that your business is going to survive for a long time even after doing so much hard work in today’s era? This is the burning question of the day! Working this hard and sitting and sipping coffee and thinking that your business has started nicely and it is all set for growth in future was the trend of 70’s decade.

The time has changed now! This is 2017, the 21st century! Wakeup! Everything has changed! Complacency after doing so much of hard work is an invitation to financial disaster for your business.

But Why?

Coming to the point, the answer to this question is simple! Businesses are going digital. And they are launching e-commerce stores to market their products to global audience. Taking this into consideration, the thought of taking your business digital with an e-commerce store must be striking in your mind.

But having an e-commerce store is also not so easy.

That is right!  You may get your business off to a perfect start in the offline world. Your business can even become very successful by executing all of the steps mentioned above consistently. However, according to accomplished E-commerce services providers in the world, you will need an e-commerce store for your business to go digital and help you reach your target audience on a large scale.

Do You Have the Money to Get the Best E-Commerce Store Developed for Your Business?

Now this is the biggest Challenge for any business man planning to have an E-commerce store for his business. Your business rival may have a lot of money at his disposal to have once developed for his own business. On the other hand, you might be cash strapped. In simple words, you may not have $500 in your bank account to have an e-commerce store developed for your business.

Nothing is impossible!

Hope lies eternal! Absolutely right! Internet is home to almost 12 million to 25 million e-commerce stores. However, only 651, 000 stores are surviving the competition. Some Popular stores like E-bay and Amazon are industry leaders. Following are the key considerations for you to have an E-commerce store developed in less than $500.

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Get the Right Kind of E-commerce Platform:

Almost 350, 000 business fail on business front just because they don’t choose the right kind of E-commerce platform. This is why E-commerce website design and development service providers in the world suggest businesses to choose the right kind of E-commerce store development platform that fits their business requirements, goals, mission and vision successfully.

There are a plenty of E-commerce platforms in the market for you to choose from. Such as:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • 3D Cart
  • Virtuemart
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • ZenCart
  • OsCommerce
  • OpenCart


Now What to DO?

You have got the list of the best E-commerce store development platforms to be able to determine the kind of store you are planning to build for your business. Choosing the kind for developing E-commerce store for your business mainly depends on the kind of industry you are dealing in. Therefore seeking the service of experienced custom e-commerce solutions providers is not a bad idea. As for reason, they know the kind of platform you will need for your business.

  1. Deal with Legalities First:

As a business owners, you have to take care of some legalities to be able to serve your potential target market in the best possible manner. These last forever. This is why you should be very careful in this process and chose a generic name accordingly for your store. This should not cost you more than $100 to $110.

  1. Get a Domain Name

This is when you should finalize a unique, catchy and easy to remember domain name for successful branding. Paying $11 to $13 or even $15 should help you get a .Com or .Net domain name easily. However, seeking a premium domain name could cost little more.

  1. Custom E-commerce Solution Service Provider Advise Self Hosting:

This is the best advice for you to be able to start your own E-commerce store in less than $500. Being a coding and tech savvy increases your chances of getting your e-commerce store without spending much money. This is where installing an open source cart like Magento can help you a lot. A number of hosting service providers provide a E-commerce website hosting plan in less than $4 on monthly basis. In this way, you can get the annual hosting plan in less than $50. This is could help you significantly save some money for rest of the tasks to have your E-commerce store developed at the cost of peanuts.

Considering the Budget of less than $500, e-commerce web development on hosted platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify will not be less than $360 on annual basis. On the other hand, rest of the hosted platforms like Shopify will also cost you around $350 per year. This could be an expensive decision for you.

  1. Design also Matters a lot!

You would not like your targeted customers leave your store because it looks terrible. You would surely like to give your e-commerce store a beautiful personality for your store to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

It will not be a herculean task for someone who is good at coding and graphic designing. However, if you don’t know the ABC of coding and graphic designing than you have got no choice but to spend some money and seek E-commerce website design and development services. Opting for a company could very expensive. In such a situation, looking for a freelancer on platforms like Upwork gives you a great opportunity to strike an affordable deal. Make sure you get both logo and the website graphic design services within the amount of $180.

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For those who are not coding and graphics savvy, hosted platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify are a good option. At the same time, don’t forget the requirement of a logo. On fiver, you can easily get a logo or a template designed for about $5 to $30 as a part of your custom e-commerce solution strategy. Make sure you get customer input section developed within this amount to help your customers share their purchase and product experience with you other potential customers.

  1. Self-Production of Content Saves Money

Content writing is also integral part of any e-commerce store. Visitors browsing through your e-commerce store need product descriptions to be familiar with the product they are watching on their screen to buy. Considering your budget is less $500, seeking professional content writing services is an expensive option for you. Therefore, e-commerce web development service providers advise you to write all sorts of technically accurate and crispy content or product descriptions at your own. Also make sure you upload clear, relevant and easy to understand product related images for your customers to understand the product and help them make a decision.

  1. Secure and integrated Payment Gateway and Guest Checkouts

Customers don’t like e-commerce stores putting their personal and financial information on risk. Therefore, you need to opt for self-production of content for your e-commerce store to have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for your store. So you should ask your e-commerce web development service provider to integrate a secure gateway with your e-commerce store and ensure guest checkout for customer who don’t wish to go through the entire process of making an account on your e-commerce website to be able to make a purchase. This whole thing should not cause you more than $110.

On the other hand, Payment gateways like Skrill and PayPal etc. don’t ask you to pay for monthly fee to get your payments. Instead, they charge almost 3% per transaction. This could also be a good option for you to save your money.

Your E-commerce Store is Almost Ready Within $500:

Yes! You are right! It is almost ready! It is still not fully ready! You still need to pay attention towards certain things to have your e-commerce store ready to launch within the budget of $500. Therefore, According to the Custom E-commerce solution providers, you need to make sure certain things mentioned below:

  • Its design must be responsive to both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Its performance must of good quality on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • It must be able to ensure the security of your user’s all sorts of sensitive personal and financial information
  • Be smart and avoid unusually lucrative SEO, PPC and Marketing offers to get your e-commerce store ranked in search engines overnight. It is a lengthy process and takes more than a year.


Taking all this into consideration, you should go for organic SEO as it is free of cost. It takes time but produces genuine leads. In this way, your E-commerce store is ready for you within $500. At last, say thanks to E-commerce website design and development service providers for providing you affordable custom E-commerce design and development solutions.

Author Bio: Vin Boris is Social Media Marketer at SoftProdigy which is web design and development company.