55 FPSC Lecturer Jobs 2021 for Female Lecturer in FG Colleges

55 FPSC Lecturer Jobs 2021 for Female Lecturer in FG Colleges
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55 posts of Lecturer Female in FG Colleges Islamabad through FPSC 2021

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training is offering a remarkable opportunity to female lecturers advertised for FPSC Lecturer Jobs 2021 by the Federal Directorate of Education Islamabad in FG colleges of Islamabad.

The FPSC Lecturer Jobs 2021 Advertisement for the above-mentioned post has been posted by the Federal Public Service Commission Advertisement Case No F-4-34/2021-R along with the consolidated Advertisement No (2/2021).

All prospective candidates’ applications will be processed by the Federal Public service Commission (FPSC) for the above mentioned post. This opportunity is specifically for the candidates who would like to join the service temporarily.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum qualification second class or grade c Master’s Degree or equivalent in the relevant subjects.

Subject Categorisation:

  1. Applied Psychology (Three)
  2. Botany (Three)
  3. Chemistry (Four)
  4. Computer Science (Four)
  5. E- Economics (Two)
  6. English (Eight)
  7. History (Two)
  8. Islamic Studies (Two)
  9. Mathematics (Five)
  10. Park Studies (Three)
  11. Physics (Four)
  12. Political Science (Three)
  13. Sociology (Three)
  14. Statistic (Two)
  15. Urdu (Five)
  16. Zoology (Two)

All the candidates having expertise in the above mentioned subject categories are welcomed to apply as per the FPSC Government Jobs 2021 in Federal Government colleges offered by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training by the Federal Directorate of Education to fulfill the requirement of lecturers profiles within the FG colleges.

Although it is a temporary post, the experience acquired will be beneficial to the candidates and will enhance the career of the selected candidates in the long run.

Age Limit:

Age limit: 22 – 28 years.

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Number of vacancies:

The number of vacancies for the FPSC Lecturer Jobs 2021 in FG colleges is 55 in total.

In addition to the 55 vacancies, the same number of the vacancies is equally offered by respective authorities along with the categorization as per the set standards, rules, regulations, and structure. The Department also reserves the rights in amending the number of vacancies.

How to Apply:

In order to apply for the FPSC Federal Government Jobs 2021, candidates are requested to download the application and Challan Forms from the mentioned website below:



Regarding the above mentioned posts, the following divisions offered by the respective authorities as per the selected Quota are as below:

  • Merit: 4
  • Punjab: 28 (Open Merit: 27 and Minorities/Non-Muslim quota: 1)
  • Sindh 10 (Ruler): Open Merit: 6, Sindh (Urban), (Open Merit): 4
  • Kyber Pakhtunkhawh: 7, (Open Merit 6 and Minority non-Muslim Quota: 1)
  • Balochistan: 6 (Open Merit: 3), EX FATA (Open Merit: 2) & AJK (Open Merit: 1)

Place of position: Islamabad


  • 5 years general age relaxation has been set by the relevant authorities in higher age limit.
  • Candidates must provide a clear indication in terms of category from A to P in which field they want to apply. Separate online application and separate fee be paid for each category.
  • The last date to apply for the FPSC Jobs 2021 by Federal Public Service Commission is 19th April 2021 (19/04/2021).

All the candidates are requested to adhere to the above mentioned criteria along with the terms and conditions set standards by the Ministry of Federal Education and Training Program along with the Directorate of Education Islamabad.

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Candidates are requested to submit their completed application forms as per the above-mentioned criteria and procedural requirements. It is clearly stated that incomplete, late applications or applications handed in person will be not accepted and therefore, candidates must adhere to and follow the above mentioned criteria.

In case of any confusion please contact immediately the nearest authority if you are keen in pursuing a career within the FG colleges as a professional lecturer.

Download Job Advertisement 

Download Challan Form

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