5 Social Networking Marketing Tips for SMEs and Local Businesses

5 Social Networking Marketing Tips for SMEs and Local Businesses
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SMEs and local businesses that that are not using SMO are missing out on a great opportunity to have more customers and thereby power to reach public make your business survive. Are you owner of a small local company, obviously its your desire to thrive as fast as possible, right? That’s why you need to professionally include a social media marketing strategy in your marketing plan. This is not a new or great news, (everyone already knows this) but the key is: strategy or professional plan.

We from Marketing RS very often see many local businesses and SMEs that are participating in social platforms, executing traditional marketing actions without achieving the expected results, or what is worse using social channels to publish offers of all kinds without stopping, In the majority with lean or null results.

But do not worry, if you have a local business, and you want to promote it in social networks here are some tips to start your marketing strategy in social networks correctly:

1. Keep up with trends

When you look at the number of people who use social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or Instagram quickly becomes evident that businesses need to make this an essential part of their marketing strategy.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become so prevalent, and popular that people simply hope to find everything they need there.

2. Establish your own strategy plan

A marketing plan in social networks should not be complex for a local company, you must have the main data to help you identify your current position, data of your competition, the profile of your ideal client and the goals you want to achieve. Trace your goals clear, achievable and measurable. Raise your content strategy, the actions to be executed, and anticipate that the input of time, effort and money will need to reach your goals.

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3. Create a brand identity

Local businesses face a great deal of competition from other businesses, from medium to large companies of the same category, which often sell products at lower prices as strategy. The way to defend yourself from these strategies for a smaller company is to convince potential customers of the quality of your service to gain their trust, address their needs and show them that it makes sense for them to come to our business instead of going to other companies .

Establishing a brand identity helps attract customers who crave a more personal shopping experience and really listen to them. Social media allows you to create a personal brand personality for your business.

Using Twitter or Facebook for example, gives your business a voice and a presence. Choose to connect with your followers, ask and listen, so build a community that trust, buy your products and recommend you on social networks.

4. Reach new customers

Social networks allow people to share content with each other, with the push of a button, local businesses can use this feature to reach new customers. For this, however, it is necessary an attractive and useful content, with tactics that attract people.

Generating good shareable content is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Try using YouTube so your customers see one behind the scenes of your business. For example if you use a little creativity, you could use a slide with good photos of your store, with background music to share with your followers on all social networks.

If you do something that attracts and interests your followers and customers, your followers will want to share it with others, and this action exposes your name, your brand and your business to many more people (virality), who could become your new customers.

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5. Get your customers involved

If you plan to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Pineterst, Insatagram or any other social network, then you have to learn to be social. Generating commitment or engagement with your followers means sharing visual content accompanied by asking questions or soliciting their opinion. The idea is to interact and promote the participation of your audience.

Local businesses have several options that they can use reach their clients for involved, here are some ideas:

  • Create a contest for people who share a photo or video advertisement of your business.
  • You can ask to share your content giving you the opportunity to win a gift card or product from your business, etc.
  • You can also use services like Twitter, Pinterest and Foursquare to announce offers for a limited time. (That can boost the business on slow days).
  • Use Facebook advertising to attract more people to your business.
  • Offer discount coupons only for Fans and exclusive promotions.

Friends social networks will continue to be increasingly important for businesses of all sizes, but especially for SMEs and businesses because they give you the opportunity to compete with companies of other sizes and achieve results with less investment than traditional marketing. Additionally but not best practices you can boost your socialize.

I hope these tips are as always very useful, we are attentive to your comment or inquiries.