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5 Problems Obese Children Face in Schools

5 Problems Obese Children Face in Schools
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Obesity is a major health issue in the developed world. In America especially, a lot of health initiatives have come up recently. They are creating awareness in the general public about the problem of obesity. One alarming statistic that has come up, is the number of school going children suffering due to obesity. Such children are prone to a host of problems. Five major ones are discussed below:-

  1. Compromised Learning. Besides the basic health issues of heart problems etc. obese children face a number of practical and social issues at school. One of the major one is obese children performing low on standardised tests. Doctors think that there may be some physiological link for this trend.
  2. Low Self-Esteem. Many obese children are the target of bullying at school. This in turn leads to low self-esteem. Thus, they become less eager to learn at school. They don’t partake in class activities and try to remain in the shadows most of the time. Few doctors link this with low performance in testing by obese children.
  3. Summer/ Training Camps. Obese children find it extremely difficult to attend summer camps productively. Even if they go, they can’t take part in most of the activities. This again harms their self-esteem and the whole cycle starts over gain. Without active participation in such activities, the overall personality of such students is adversely effected.
  4. Physical Education. This is a big part of the school systems in America. It has obvious benefits for the children that undergo this. We have already seen that the test performance of obese children is not encouraging. But it is here that they really perform poorly. This leads to social problems as well as reflecting badly on their grades. Obese children are made the target of jokes by other children. And they have to go through this torment the whole year round.
  5. School Healthcare System. It has been noted that many students spend the major chunk of their day in schools. The nurses/ doctors available at school are than responsible for the students’ healthcare for most part of the day. Caring for obese children requires specialised training. Many schools are finding it difficult to cope with the growing number complications due to the rise of obesity in school children.
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The health issues related with obesity such as heart problems, high blood pressure etc. are all too obvious. But it is the social and practical problems that often go unnoticed. As such, remedial measures are not taken and in turn the child suffers both emotionally and physically. After developing an understanding about these additional problems associated with obesity; we must make even greater efforts at fighting the menace of growing obesity in our societies. If we are successful in eliminating or at least reducing obesity in children we would have nip the evil in the bud. Apart from these five major issues faced by obese children at school, there are other numerous reasons also. Such as difficulty in climbing stairs, trying to maintain let alone lose weight during off days from school due to easy access to a full refrigerator at home.

Author’s Bio: The authors’ name is “John Oliver”. The author holds bachelors in education studies and he is writing on Write My Assignment Online. He is primary level school teacher and an avid writer.