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4 Web Designing Resources You Should Not Miss

4 Web Designing Resources You Should Not Miss
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Like other designers, I hope you too have a creative trait in your brain and always stay on a lookout for whatever new packs of designing tools, CSS scripts, and colors are available out there. And why not? When can you create wonders with a ready-made design or tool, why to start everything from a scratch?

I have learned the cool phenomena of taking a creative design into consideration, study it a bit, and developing a brand new one out of it. And, when you are the chief designer in one of the top web designing companies in the USA, you can’t compromise with either speed or quality. Using free and paid resources and tools is a great way to do it. Want to know what we have collected for you?

4 Web Designing Resources

Check these resources out:

1. Kutt.it

Familiar with Goo.gl but want to try new tools? Try Kutt.it, a free URL shortener with a whole new look and quick performance. Just copy the URL you want to trim and paste it into the Kutt.it texts box and boom! Your shortened URL is ready to copy and paste.

2. Dotcolors.co

Web design is 50% about coding and rest about the colors. When loaded with multiple projects, a designer finds himself surrounded by a color confusion. As the sun starts to set, their prowess in choosing the right colors fades. Dotcolor.co has a list of codes with colors. This tool is particularly effective in creating vector illustrations.

3. FastPhoto Style

Featured by NVIDIA, FastPhoto Style is a handy tool for designers to add theme-based effects on a specific set of pictures. What sets it apart is it allows you to choose a photo of preferred style or effect, then merge its style into your content photo. That way, you don’t have to spend minutes of styling in photoshop.

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4. Launchaco

Are you going to launch your small-sized business and don’t have enough budget to pay an expert developer? Then Launchaco got you covered. It lets you create a website for your business on your own. Facilities such as Google Analytics, Secure SSL Protocol, and custom domains come with it. Launchaco is available in both paid and free versions.

Sometimes, knowledge of the right tools and technologies can make your designing task as easy as cutting butter with a hot knife. The web design service in the USA where I work in, appreciate using time-saver tools like these and that, is actually a great thing.