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4 Truth About Recording Efficient Macros

4 Truth About Recording Efficient Macros
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Macro recording is a feature that will save you time and headaches through the automation of repetitive tasks. If you are yet to get started on the macros feature, then you haven’t discovered a powerful feature that will spare you the headaches associated with performing repetitive tasks. But how do you record efficient macros? Macro recorder is a simple task and you don’t have to be a programmer to write a macro.

4 Truth About Recording Efficient Macros

In this article, we shall review the tips for successful macro recording. Keep reading to find out what to do to ensure the best experience with macro recording.

  1. Understand the basics of Macro Recording

It is obvious that the best place to get started with macro recording involves understanding the basics. This includes the different terminologies used as well as the rules. Some important macros terms include Macro Name, the shortcut key, the same location, and the descriptions. When defining the macro name ensure that the first character is a letter and then you can have it followed by your own choice of letters or numbers. The shortcut keys are also available and if you choose any other character, the macro will overwrite the key`s original function. The save location on spreadsheets is the personal macro workbook. You also need to describe the macro once done.

  1. Understand and Know How to Correct Errors

Macros recording is simple as explained above, but then there is still a likelihood that mistakes will be a challenge. Are you conversant with the most common macros recording errors? How about how to avoid these errors? Most people experience difficulties using Macros recording and the reason behind this is a lack of knowledge on how to avoid the errors. You can learn how to fix these errors through the online community or the Macros forums. 

  1. Keyboard Macros is Better Over Mouse Macros
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Keyboard macros feature as the most reliable and hence most common among macros users. The advantage of keyboard macros is that it doesn’t care about the screen coordinates, the window positions, or the resolution of the screen. You might argue that the mouse recorder will record the mouse in comparative coordinates. However, this fails on some occasions. The use of keyboard allows you to use the common keyboard combinations like Alt to get to the menu, or the Esc to navigate to a certain item. 

  1. Decrease Delay-Commands to Speed-Up Your Macros

To achieve this, you can select some of the parts of the macro you want to speed up and then perform the reset delays commands. By decreasing the delay commands, you will achieve speedy macro recording.

Highlighted above are some of the important tips on macros recording. Through this, you will experience easy macros recording and enjoy the convenience this feature offers.