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3 Best Down Jackets of 2017 to Ensure a Safer and a More Productive Trek

3 Best Down Jackets of 2017 to Ensure a Safer and a More Productive Trek
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Out of all the equipment which an ideal trek to a distant place needs, one is a great down jacket. Today, we shall show you all of the details of the 3 best down jackets of 2017. Such a type of jackets often produces better and more reinvigorating warmth than many other types of coats. Besides, these down jackets usually take up a minimal amount of space in the trekking gear that you plan to pack. We shall also show you the various criteria for choosing such a jacket.

3 Best Down Jackets of 2017: Criteria for Choosing

There are several criteria for choosing a down jacket. First of all, the jacket must be able to insulate your body from all sorts of inclement weather. This is a type of jacket which not only must weigh pretty less but must also take up the minimal amount of space in your luggage. This means that the down jacket which you choose must also ensure that the luggage which you carry uphill won’t be too heavy.

Also, remember that in an uphill trek, the critical point is that the jacket should have a hood. So, you can choose either a hooded or a hoodless jacket. Out of our 3 best down jackets of 2017, remember that a good choice must have a number of pockets. Pockets are essential because there are a lot of things that must be carried on yourself on a trek.

3 Best Down Jackets of 2017: Our Top List

This is the list of the best down jackets of 2017.

  • Outdoor Research Transcendent: Outdoor Research is a company which manufactures down sweaters. Although they are called down sweaters, they are actually down jackets for both men and women. The company is not too old and has already made its mark in this sector. This specific jacket has a 650 down fill insulation which helps in maintaining the core body heat. While this jacket is pretty warm, if you plan to stand outside, you might want to pass over this one.
  • Patagonia Down Jacket Men’s: Patagonia is a great company which is renowned internationally. The colors available are pretty great, and the jackets themselves can make a great style statement. Although the Patagonia Down jacket is extremely warm, one thing we really liked is the number of pockets which it has. It is ideal for a messy hiker. One drawback is that the jacket can be a tad too long for many trekkers.
  • Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Down Jacket: Mountain Hardwear manufactures great products in this category. The Nitrous Down jacket is one which can easily substitute any more expensive down jacket. Very lightweight and easily compressible into even the smallest of bags, this is one down jacket which you would be ill-advised to miss out on. The price is also pretty reassuring.
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Wrap up

We expect that this list of the 3 best down jackets of 2017 will help you the next time you decide to travel into the wild. Always remember to bookmark this page as we keep on adding to this list of jackets. Keep a second down jacket in your gear every time you trek.