How to Make your Online Stamp?
Do you want to make stamps like those used by different brands, organization, banks, schools and all the other institutions?  You will be thinking that you have to spend a lot on these stamps but now with the virtue of online stamp making sites, you can make your stamps just in 5 mints. How to… (0 comment)

Nokia Secret Codes of 2016
Nokia is one of the most famous Phone manufacturer company that not only makes simple phones like Nokia 100, 105, 108,130, 1280 but also most stylish and multi-functioning Lumia phones like Lumia 635, 638, 735, 930 etc. Either we buy a new phone or purchase a second hand; we should know the exact manufacturing date, IMEI… (0 comment)

How to Repair or Format Damaged Memory Card or USB
Sometime memory card and USB are damaged in such a way that we can’t recover our data from them. If we want to format them, they give us error message i.e. neither they recover or format. Today I have come with such a software that solved all my problems of memory card. One of my… (0 comment)