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13 Challenges That Every Music Artist Must Outlast in 2017

13 Challenges That Every Music Artist Must Outlast in 2017
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New Year; Moment to look back to draw conclusions and take momentum forward.

A musical artist in 2017 who has managed his career since independence, must always be to the latest of new methods and techniques to carry out a music marketing plan with options.

I get lots of emails from colleagues who are trying to “poke their heads” in the competitive musical universe without any success; In the great majority of cases, they lack strategy, product quality and common sense to know what the current public demands to have options to “stick” among their priorities.

This 2016 has left us an endless number of artists who through the visibility achieved in the network, have managed to take off in the competitive world of music.

In 2017, things will continue to change and my recommendation is to continue on the road with perseverance.

If you are a restless musical artist, these challenges will help you to evolve and achieve the goals you set yourself:

Only Artists with Ability to Surprise

These will be the artists of the next years; Those who are not afraid to make mistakes and try to surprise their community unpredictably.

Your music should always be at the heart of all strategy, but you should not focus solely on your compositions to appear unexpectedly in the life of the potential fan with additional content.

Social networks as a means of communication

Definitely, little future auguro to that artist who ave to integrate to the social networks in his plan.

Social networks are the place where the fans coexist and there you must try to appear with relevant and original content.

When you manage to congregate a community of notorious and numerous fans, you will be in a position to use these platforms as their own communication media, for example, to summon your fans in concerts without spending money on advertising.

More demanding and focused songs to your potential audience

The song will remain the heart of every project. Nothing would make sense without memorable songs and songs, they will have to incorporate certain differential dyes that give the artist value.

It is possible that you have a good level composing but believe me, there will always be room for improvement. For this, I recommend that you try to compose with people who can bring you a new vision.

This year, one of my first projects is focused on this plot of composers and I will try to gather in a mythical studio in Madrid 12 composers with a desire to grow, evolve and live with one of the best Spanish composers of the moment. Click HERE if you want more info.

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It has the topliner to raise the level of your song

This figure is very developed in the USA and advanced countries like Sweden, UK and Canada.

The topliner is a producer who will try to integrate some more modifications to the work created and produced in a way that increases the options of acceptance of the public.

The topliner, is a kind of musical psychologist because he will try to add ingredients that the consumer’s mind accepts and assumes the best.

If you do well in the world of production I strongly recommend that you enter this plot as over the years, will be more relevant in Spanish-speaking countries.

Facebook and Instagram priorities

Sometimes it is a real “cocoa” trying to be present in all social networks.

My recommendation for 2017 is to focus on the two or three at the most.

The best results are offered by Instagram and Facebook and in both, the video becomes a priority to connect with the fan.

Ah! Follow me on Facebook and you’ll be the last on the music business.

You have to reinvent yourself in the shows.

The show will continue to be an important part but there is a problem; The public will demand more.

In this case, I recommend that you create an original show where every x minutes happens “things” unexpectedly.

Only in this way will you surprise the fan and let him recommend you to his friends.

Become a Content Generator

This aspect is very important and will be more in the coming years.

Today to gain visibility you must have the ability to generate content on a constant basis.

The content can be videos, photos, mini documentaries, contests, live broadcasts …

Start working with data

The sooner you begin to dominate the territory of the data, the sooner the results will come.

Working with data will provide you with a series of information about your fan so you can build custom products whose level of acceptance is much greater.

For example you could start getting familiar with tools like Getresponse to turn your social network followers into active consumers of your products and generate new revenue through email marketing techniques.

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Integrate new recurring profiles into your team

It is true that in the new environment where the music unfolds, it is vitally important to have members in your team that come to meet the new needs of the musical consumer.

Among the new profiles you will need are:

Introduce yourself in an original way

In launching a product, you play more than 50% of the success of it. This means that depending on the strategy drawn for that launch, your product will give some results or others.

Within the launching of a musical product, the exhibition can not be lacking to the public through a concert, an experience or a special action.

This aspect should be kept to the smallest detail and try to offer an authentic show where you can show all your cards.

The video must be the priority format

It has been already in the past year and will continue to be in the present but with a difference; Will not serve any video.

The level of demand will be even greater and you must propose highly relevant content to be viral.

The moment of the videos arrives in 360º and if you adopt this format today, you will have more route.

The important thing is the content and if it is done in video format, the better.

Revenues are minimized but new routes are born

Traditional revenues will continue to be minimized, except for concerts, but new opportunities will be opened for new revenue from technology.

Some of the revenues that will continue to have special prominence will be:

  • Streaming (Youtube, Spotify …)
  • Email Marketing
  • “Upselling” actions in own concerts
  • Sale of products with the group or artist brand (sunglasses, perfume …)
  • Trademark Projects

Impact as leverage lever of recommendation

The impact of connectivity in our lives has reached ubiquity in such a way that today, every brand, every artist …. Must strive to capture the attention of the consumer that according to studies, the periods of attention are in the 8 seconds on average.

It will not do anything to have a good product if we do not act with the capacity to surprise unexpectedly and that in my town is called impact.