10 iOS Apps which Help in Increasing Productivity

10 iOS Apps which Help in Increasing Productivity
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Time is more valuable than money because it is time which can actually help in gaining more success. You need to devise ways through which your time can be used more efficiently resulting in better productivity for yourself and your business.

In today’s world, relying on technology will help you in achieving your goals faster. Here are some useful apps for your iPhone or iPad that can perform a number of tasks in the blink of an eye making your life easier and allowing you to focus on achieving greater success:

  1. Join.me

Web conferencing is an essential part of any business and there are tons of apps out there which offer it but none of them are as user-friendly as Join.me. It comes with a web version too and allows you unlimited videoconferencing and screen sharing. The best part is the whiteboard feature which allows the users to share their ideas virtually.

  1. Gyst

When you have a lot of things to do and not enough time, it is quite possible to become overwhelmed and frustrated. Through Gyst, you can easily organize all your pending tasks and get a lot more done in the limited time which you have. The app lets you bring all your to-do lists, calendar, contacts, notes, and text into one place and get your task done without switching between different apps or devices.

  1. Basecamp 3

For over a decade, Basecamp has been helping out the project managers of big businesses to perform efficiently. It comes with plenty of features including setting up reminders for tasks, chatting with colleagues, receiving feedback from the client or giving one to a co-worker, and sharing documents. An internal message board allows sharing announcements, proposals, and ideas with the team rapidly.

  1. Doodle
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Diary clashes are quite a possibility in the business world and can prove to be quite annoying. In some cases, they can even cost you a hefty sum of money or the reputation of your business. Such clashes can easily be avoided with the help of Doodle which helps in streamlining all your meetings and doesn’t let you compromise on your productivity.

  1. Google Drive

Without paying anything, you can get access to the database, presentation, and word processing applications. The best part is that these applications are cloud-based so you can access your data from any device or from any place.

  1. Slack

The market is over-cluttered with communication apps but keeping up-to-date with your colleagues and team members has been made extremely convenient by Slack. The most powerful features of this app include integrations with other important apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. and the archiving functionalities.

  1. Peakon

A company can only function well if its employees are happy and so to maximize their productivity, you need to get your hands on the Peakon app. This app asks various questions from your employees in an attempt to gain feedback and suggestions from them to make the workplace more productive as well as relaxing for them. The app comes with a 30-day trial after which you need to pay $3.50 on a monthly basis to use it.

  1. Omnifocus 2

You can add different tasks on the app and assign them to your team members according to their capabilities, location, and current energy levels. Whenever a task is entered, a notification is sent which means that there is no way that it can be missed. This app is the perfect answer to your busy day as you can add tasks while being on the go and rest assured that they’ll be accomplished before the deadline.

  1. Nudjed
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Employee health and satisfaction are essential for any business to thrive and achieve immense success. This app helps in collecting data from the employees about their feelings and current mental condition and based on their feedback, the company can start with programs which will help in reviving their motivation.

  1. Scoro

The professionals can use this app to control and manage their entire workflow through a single platform. Your work is streamlined and all the unnecessary distractions are eliminated so that you can achieve all your goals right within time. Scoro’s features include billing, quoting, project management, calendar, real-time dashboard, and enterprise level reporting.

By getting these apps on your Apple device, you can make sure that all your tasks are completed efficiently and right on time and there is no way that your productivity is compromised.

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