10 Best-Selling Products on Amazon in 2018

10 Best-Selling Products on Amazon in 2018
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Amazon is a renowned American Company, established in the year 1994. The major part of its services is Ecommerce and cloud computing. Amazon Ecommerce started as an online book seller and later moved to selling all the products ranging from wearables, fashion to electronic.

1. Phone Accessories

As the mobile phone industry is increasing at a very fast rate, this has resulted in the growth of every stuff related to the mobile phone. It includes trendy covers, chargers, headphones, grips, display protectors, and a range of accessories. In the past few years, we have seen mobile market launching several innovative accessories that have become an integral part of our lives. As per the market research, phone accessories industry will reach over $200 billion in coming few years. Ecommerce giant Amazon has several stuffs for sale, but its best-selling product is definitely the Phone accessories.

2. Body Shapewear

Today, our life is so busy that we are not taking care of our body regularly. Maintaining the body in perfect shape is quite difficult for many people. As a result, people, generally women, are going for different procedures that could keep them in good shape. In an effort to satisfy this growing need, many manufacturers launched shapewear. Shapewear are basically inner wear dresses that effortlessly make the body in a perfect shape that everyone desires for. The demand of shapewear specifically among the women makes this amazing product highly rated among the top 10 most products to sell on Amazon in 2018.

3. Home Security Products

Security is a major concern for everyone and to make sure proper security is there at the home, Amazon is selling a range of security products. These security products include, video cameras, smart card, video doorbells and scanners. All the security products hold different functionality and can be easily purchased from the Amazon. As per the recent survey many people are taking keen interest in the installation of home security products.

4. Smartwatch

Latest trend among people is the smartwatch and on daily basis new smartwatches are launched. The reason for the smartwatch success is its features like GPS, Hear rate sensor, pedometer, calorie meter and sleep management. All these features are very much important in our stressful life. No one could have thought of getting notification of heart rate or blood pressure on a watch or getting direction about a destination while traveling. But, all these stuffs have become possible. Smartwatches are certainly a best-selling product for the year 2018 on Amazon.

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5. Maternity Wearables

Maternity wearables are certainly a product that trend and will always be. Irrespective of the age, size, color, race, or budget, every woman can costume these wearables during her pregnancy days to comfort herself. Going out with baby bump sometimes cause awkward scenarios. But, these maternity wearables are the best stuff to be worn for every pregnant.

These maternity wearables are so comfortable and well designed, that women who are not pregnant are also wearing the same stuff. Thus, these Maternity wearables has become a best-selling product for the year 2018 on Amazon.

6. Beauty Products

Women always desire to look gorgeous and attractive. They try different beauty products and techniques for themselves. But, men are also seeking different beauty products for their skin. Beauty products include a range of face masks like deep cleansing, moisturizing ones, pimple removers, and dry skin masks. Mainly, the trend of applying organic beauty products with no side effects had made this a best-selling product for the year 2018 on Amazon. These beauty products are surely going to bring a lot of changes for your skin.

7. Inhouse Plants

Inhouse plants are becoming quite popular among the people these days. The reason for the same is that these plants helps to clean the air present in the house. Pollution level is increasing at regular pace and to stop its harmful after effects, these inhouse plants are very beneficial. Adulterated food is getting in our diet; thus, people are growing their own veggies. They won’t be concern about the low standard of food or the chemicals being used for the plant growth. The popularity of growing inhouse plants has given rise to the sales of indoor plants. With several benefits, these inhouse plants deserve to be listed among the 10 best-selling products on Amazon in 2018.

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8. Trekking Bags

Trekking bags allow trekkers to charge their devices like speakers, tablets, gadgets, GPS devices, and smartphones while trekking. Trekking bags are equipped with powerful battery backup and USB ports which make them quite popular among the users. A Trekking bag is not restricted to a single purpose. The Trekking bags market is gradually increasing at a fast rate. But a quick search on shows that in spite of the reality that there are several products listed in this category, maximum of them are popular. With several benefits, these bags deserve to be listed among the 10 best-selling products on Amazon in 2018.

9. Amazon Echo Dot

It’s no doubt that the best-selling gadgets are Amazon’s personalized gadgets, regarding the number of visitors that get on the site on daily basis for the product. The Amazon Echo is a device having voice controlled named Alexa to do every task from playing music, giving latest updates, reading news and alerting about the weather forecast. This specific model has more than 110,000 reviews with and 4.5 rating. The Amazon Echo upgraded version has all the similar features as the Dot, but with a better interface as well as speaker for increased sound. This product is definitely an important part of the 10 best-selling products on Amazon in 2018.

10. Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick lets user to enjoy shows from several platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Movies directly on your TV. This Fire Stick includes Alexa remote, this makes simple than ever to choose what you like to see. It has more than 180,000 reviews with 4.4 ratings. This product is definitely an important part of the 10 best-selling products on Amazon in 2018.

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