Xbox 360 Know-How

Xbox 360 Know-How
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In case you’re surfing online shopping websites and considering to buy Xbox 360, there are a couple of things you have to know. There are a few accessible models of the Xbox 360 and a few basics you’ll need to get up at the store. We’ll give you the required information you need to make the decision and play games on Xbox 360 in just a snap!

Xbox 360

Microsoft offers two standard of the Xbox 360 – both with beautiful littler cases and shinier color. Although the model are sleek and elegant but they don’t keep running as wanted and do not have some of the features, we will going through few of them.

The significant contrast between the two is the measure of hard drive space. A 250 GB hard drive or you can go for 4GB extension by spending some extra bucks. If you are crazy about gaming and do not like to delete your previous games you can always go for 250GB although it will cost more but it’s worth it and you can enjoy your favorite games over the time.


The standard Xbox360 consoles has a Kinect camera which detects motion of the player and it is a good features for gamers which opens the door for a whole new gaming experience. The camera can also be bought apart from the console.

Hard Drive Vs Camera?

As a gamer I would suggest that, if Kinect does not fascinates you then you should go for hard drive extension it would be a better option to enjoy games and you won’t have to bother about space issues. You can always go for the camera if you need one because that can be bought anytime.

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Parent Lock

If you have kids and you are concerned about what they are playing and watching on Xbox 360 then this will interest you because the Xbox360 will give you control over this issue and you can choose from what you want your kids to play, you can also limit the play time spent on Xbox 360. Amazing, isn’t it?

The dangerous Ring of Death

One of the scariest thing you can face on the Xbox360 is the Ring of Death, if your console has any hardware issue it will flash a red light, that’s the moment you should realize that your Xbox360 is dead. The system failure is less in the new consoles but unexpected system failures can occur so you should be careful about it.

Xbox Live Free and Gold

Xbox offers different subscriptions. The free previously known as Xbox Live Sliver allows you to download games, demos and send messages to other players and friends but it limits you to play online and watch movies online on the other hand Xbox Live Gold is subscription based around $60 annually. The Gold version lets you play games online, chat with friends, watch movies or ESPN, pre-order games and get demos earlier, Gold version is worth buying and you will really love the accessibility. It has better speed and it is reliable.

Xbox Cards

You can buy Xbox live cards for games and also get Microsoft points, that points can be exchanged. 80 points for $1. It is better to renew your Xbox subscription via Xbox card rather than a credit card.