Sample NTS Papers Books and Material for Educators Tests

Sample NTS Papers Books and Material for Educators Tests
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Usman is one of my friend who has done MSc Physics following M.Phil. in 2012 and then he started searching a job in a reputable institutes university, colleges. After wasting around 3 years in this effort, he joined Punjab Education Department as ESE(S/M) in 2015 and now working at the same post from around 3 years.

I asked from him that why you don’t selected as a lecturer or any other good position while you have given around 70 to 80 test in PPSC, FPSC, atomic, ministry of defense, SBP, WAPDA and all the other job institutions. He has just answered that “waisy he”. But I know the basic reason behind.

I guess that most of you also know the reason and that is no preparation for the test. Most of us just apply for a job and then go for a test on the test date. Between the apply and test period we even don’t try to explore that what type of test will be or what will be the content weightage and how to prepare for it. Then the result will be simple e.g. we get average marks around 50 to 60 and that means nothing.

Reason of Writing this Post

Yesterday, I was using Facebook when a group member posted that I want to be an educator and tell me that how to prepare for the upcoming test and provide the material for it. So I decided to provide some tips including test material and sample papers.

Test through NTS or by Education Department Itself?

Most of you may have listed the news that the upcoming test will be taken by the education department itself. According to me, these are just rumors because if it will be taking by itself, then it is sure that all the process will not be on merit. Education department is not so capable to organize a test on such a big level so expect a test through NTS.

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Will NTS will be abolished?

Again you have listened the news that NTS is found corrupt and NAB has reinforced its main office. This is true but the sponsors behind NTS are not so week that they just wait and see. NTS is there and will remain hopefully. At the present time, when I am writing this post, many NTS tests are being conducted on today 05-11-2017. So get ready for the test considering that NTS will remain there to conduct educators’ tests.

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Material to Prepare for the NTS Educators Test

For educator’s tests, NTS include the following things in the paper;

  • Content from Master level in which you have done masters – Big portion
  • Content from Elementary/primary /high/ level school books as per the post – Big portion
  • Pedagogy e.g. content from b.ed – Average portion
  • General knowledge/Islam – Small portion
  • English – Small portion

It’s time to prepare for the test so just start from your master level course books>School level books and then the Pedagogy, GK, Islam, English and others.

Download Ebook of Pedagogy for Educators

Download Ebook of Bhatti Sons for Educators

You can directly view or download the educators Ebook from below.

Download Ebook of Dogar Sons for Educators

You can directly view or download the educators Ebook from below.

Sample Test Papers

For More Help

If you are unable to view or download, send me a message at my Facebook page here: https://web.facebook.com/topitworlddotcom/