Google has Officially Released Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
Google is at the forefront of the mobile operating system and software field but now Google is strengthening its step in harder market. Google has introduced the second-generation phone Google pixel 2 and XL model. Google pixel 2 XL   Google Pixel 2xL is a Premium Device. Its 18: 9 P-OLED screen looks like a… (0 comment)

Performance Evaluation Report (PER) or Annual Confidential Report (ACR)
This report represents the overall performance of a teacher in PEC/Board results including conduct, character and capabilities. These reports should be maintained and initiated by the teacher every year whether he is on contract or permanent bases. Why these Reports Needed? These reports accumulatively will be needed when a teacher needs an increment, promotion, upward… (0 comment)

Best Free and Paid Online Courses for Web Designing
Getting a hands-on learning experience while sitting on your comfortable couch, is now easy with the help of online courses and tutorials. Here, you will be introduced with the fast learning platforms where you can get access to multiple learning materials for improving your web designing skills. 1. Lynda Lynda is an online learning platform… (0 comment)

Google Photos New Update – Video Can be Shared Faster than Ever
Google has added new features to Google Photos. In version 3.6 users can quickly share video sharing areas with slow Internet coverage. Its method of working is something that photos make backups of pre-video low resolution, which reduce the size of the file and uploads it faster. As soon as the users are connected to… (0 comment)

What is Samsung Bixby and How It Works?
Bixby is a virtual assistant (personal assistant) developed by Samsung Electronics. Bixby mimics Google Personal Assistant in all way, but stays different from being more conversational and apologetic when it messes up. This AI powered voice assistant can make device interaction easier. Bixby is available with Samsung devices Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Note 8.… (0 comment)

A Handy Tutorial to Download MovieBox for PC
The smartphones and the applications come with it has changed our life completely. Gone are those days when we used to wait for our favorite movies to hit the silver screen or our favorite TV soaps to be broadcast on the respective TV channels. Now we simply download a streaming application on our iPhone or… (0 comment)

4 best Photo editing tool in blogging
The image quality and the perfect editing of the pictures play an important role in blogging. Good images can account more in a successful blogging. It helps in engaging the previous followers to your website and also attracting more to it. Perfect and creative image editing provides a clear cut idea about your blog and… (0 comment)

10 iOS Apps which Help in Increasing Productivity
Time is more valuable than money because it is time which can actually help in gaining more success. You need to devise ways through which your time can be used more efficiently resulting in better productivity for yourself and your business. In today’s world, relying on technology will help you in achieving your goals faster.… (0 comment)

How to work as a successful freelance writer?
If you feel the urge to write and you know inside that you are a good writer, you can turn your talent into a money-earning tool. Freelance writing is not an unheard word for anyone now. People are well familiar with this field. From students to housewives to even working men, almost everyone is making… (0 comment)