Top 100 Teachers and Educators Groups in Pakistan to Join
Facebook is the most famous social media platform that helps to connect people. It is assessable by all the publish whether living in villages or cities. Most of the people don’t know about Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest but they know about Facebook very well. Due to its popularity, mobile manufacturers companies like Nokia,… (0 comment)

How to Start a Successful Blog [in Just 5 steps]
This is a blogging time! Yeah, really I’m saying this is the time of blogging. You may find numerous person who take blogging as a career. Even in some cases, some of them do blogging leaving Government job. There are some reasons for this. These reasons will be shared here in below. And lastly, the… (0 comment)

Tips for New Educators to Survive in Schools
Recruitment process is almost complete in all the 36 Districts of Punjab and the 2nd phase of recruitment is also started. New teachers have got the 1-month induction training and they have joined the school. Those who are getting their orders in 2nd phase will pass through the training session in the next inducting level… (0 comment)

VPN Service in China
There is censorship system which is introduced under the Cybersecurity law. This system is known as “Great Firewall”. Under this system, the internet users cannot freely browse the internet. There are many websites and apps are blocked like Facebook, Google services, Tinder, western news media, Netflix, and even Comparitech. Many guest workers are also facing… (0 comment)

Microsoft is not Developing Windows 10 Mobile Anymore
The tweet by Microsoft Joe Belfiore has now confirmed that the company no more focuses on building new features and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile platform. Although, it will continue supporting the platform and providing updates to security and bug fixes but building new features and hardware are not the focus now. Last year, Joe… (0 comment)

Useful Apps for Mobile Document Management
The amount of data that we store is increasing every day. Whether you are working, studying or just taking care of your expenses, the amount of document that you create, use or share is enormous. Some help with handling those piles of documents would be more than welcome. Nowadays, relying only on a computer to… (0 comment)

How to Get your Payslip via Pifra Email System – Complete Information
Government employees can receive their salary slips containing all the information of their basic pay and allowances through PIFRA Email System. Just you have to register on PIFRA website and then you will start receiving slips by email. Like us on Facebook: The method of registration and other information is given below; Sample PIFRA Payslip… (0 comment)

Google has Officially Released Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
Google is at the forefront of the mobile operating system and software field but now Google is strengthening its step in harder market. Google has introduced the second-generation phone Google pixel 2 and XL model. Google pixel 2 XL   Google Pixel 2xL is a Premium Device. Its 18: 9 P-OLED screen looks like a… (0 comment)

Performance Evaluation Report (PER) or Annual Confidential Report (ACR)
This report represents the overall performance of a teacher in PEC/Board results including conduct, character and capabilities. These reports should be maintained and initiated by the teacher every year whether he is on contract or permanent bases. Why these Reports Needed? These reports accumulatively will be needed when a teacher needs an increment, promotion, upward… (0 comment)