7 Simple Steps to Download SHAREit for PC
Kudos to the technological revolution! That’s the very particular reason why our life has become easier and convenient. Earlier we relied upon the Infra Red and Bluetooth technology in order to transfer files. But as already mentioned, with the revolution of technology, transferring services have become a cakewalk. Smartphones nowadays have this app pre-installed. This… (1 comment)

No matter how much importance digital platforms gain in this world, the value of print items will not be hurt in any case. Still today, people wait for newspapers on their dining table, read magazines, and other print papers. Though different digital platforms have taken the attention of the world through their attractiveness and user-friendly… (0 comment)

Google will Launch New Pixel Phone on October 4
Google New Pixel Flagship Phone will introduce on an event on 4 of October 2017. Google has uploaded a video on its YouTube channel that suggests Google is launching a new phone device on this October 4. The video shows that this phone will be made of battery life, super cameras and excellent metals. In… (0 comment)

Now Messages Send Through Whatsapp Can  Also be Deleted
The Whatsapp is now testing the feature for “Delete For Everyone” in the application. With this feature, users will be able to delete fault messages which they have sent to their friends and family members whatever they are voice or text messages. WhatsApp is testing a revoke button feature.  However, from this feature users will… (0 comment)

Apple introduced its Newest and Most Expensive iPhone X
With the facility of the face Identity, the iPhone X will be started to be sold for $ 999, from 3rd of November 2017. American technology company Apple has introduced its new iPhone without the ‘Home Button’ by completing it’s ten years. According to the foreign news agency, this new phone is named 10X and… (0 comment)

7 Ways to Customize WordPress for your Users
WordPress has been considered as one of the most simplest Content Management Systems. It offers a very clean user interface. Offering significant power, this free open source content management system is easier to install. However, sometimes WordPress can get daunting even for those who use it frequently. If not used carefully, it can invite a… (0 comment)

Top 50 SEO Interview Question and Answers in 2017
For the last few years, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been the final word in the digital media. For ensuring the success of any of the social media platform, SEO is the main key by content marketing to accessing heavy traffic to any of the website. The purpose of SEO is somewhat difficult to… (0 comment)

5 Problems Obese Children Face in Schools
Obesity is a major health issue in the developed world. In America especially, a lot of health initiatives have come up recently. They are creating awareness in the general public about the problem of obesity. One alarming statistic that has come up, is the number of school going children suffering due to obesity. Such children… (0 comment)

The Best Places to Learn Blogging and Make Money Online
So you want to make money online? Why am I not surprised? Well, because every single person in this world wants to make money online. The Internet has changed the trends from just entertainment and emails to online business and entrepreneurship. When we talk about making money online, there are so many ways such as… (4 comments)