How to Convert Your Ram into Graphic Card

How to Convert Your Ram into Graphic Card
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Some of our friends faces problem of their graphic card when they want to play a new game. This type of errors comes when graphic card is built in and have small capacity. Normally what we do in this case, either we buy a new external card or we say that leave this game and go for some other.

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But today I will tell you the software that will solve your problem.

This software converts some part of your Ram into Graphic Card. For example, if you have 4 GB ram then this software used 1 Gb as graphic card and 3 Gb as ram. Now in this case, you can play game without any error.

How to Use this Software

Ram into Graphic Card

First of all open the software file. Click on select that game that you want to play and select exe file of that game. Now write the Vendor ID and Device ID. For example, vendor ID=4318 and device ID=592.(Select these IDs as according to your requirement i.e. NVIDIA GeForce TI 4600,NVIDIA GeForce FX 4900 ULTRA,ATi Radeon 8500,ATi Radeon 9800 PRO etc have different IDs.) Now click on Create Batch File. This will create your Batch file. Now click the Run in the software window. You will see that now game is playing without any problem. Hope so you will like the software.


Note: This software only virtually converts your ram into graphic card. It does not harm your PC or Ram. When you closes the software, ram comes into its normal operation.

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  • Maciek Rek

    That’s awesome idea.
    Can it be done in reverse – can I use graphics chip’s ram for the system and apps?

    I’m asking because I have a 1GB onboard graphics with only 4 GB normal memory, and since the computer is used as a server it hardly even have a screen attached to it.


    • Unfortunately, Graphics cards can’t be used as ram. Ram is pretty cheap now so it’s better to upgrade it.

      • Maciek Rek

        Yeah.. you’re probably right. But Apple makes it a little difficult, basically you choose your RAM (and in case of laptops even HDD) during the purchase, as it is mounted directly onto the logic board or something and cannot be upgraded later…
        Should have spent a little more (£80) for extra RAM. Will have to live with that somehow. luckily it’s a spare/backup computer only.