SEO Class 1- What is SEO and Why we Need it

SEO Class 1- What is SEO and Why we Need it
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Hi, I am starting a basic course for learning SEO which is divided in different classes. In initial classes, I will explain the basics and gradually the course will move forward to professional SEO.

Therefore, it is equally beneficial for starters, intermediate and experts.

This free course is dedicated for those who want to be webmaster but they don’t know SEO due to which they can’t bring huge traffic on their blog or website despite of good content. In these classes, I will give you advance tips and information that will help you to bring traffic and increase domain and page authority. Following the tips, you can gain high Page rank also.

So let’s start from introduction of SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique through which you can promote your website in different search engines and can bring traffic on your website through them.

How Searchers get their Required Information?

Search Engines provides desired information to searchers e.g. if someone want to know the prices of a mobile phone, then his search query will be “Mobile Phone Prices”. This particular search will display a list of different websites about mobile phone prices. But if someone want to know price in a particular country like USA, he will search the query “Mobile Phone Prices in USA”. Similarly different people search by different queries or keywords.

Some examples are;

  • Nokia Mobile Phone in USA
  • Samsung Mobile Phone in USA
  • Mobile prices in USA
  • Mobile Companies in USA

So everyone try to find a related site and get information. If a searcher finds useful information on a website, he will surely come again but the next time he will come directly rather than searching through search engines.

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What Really Matters in SEO?

When a searcher finds a website useful, he will remember the site for future need, or bookmark it so that he can come to website easily. The purpose of this discussion is that there are a lot of thing other than keywords that matter e.g. website content, and design to attract the searcher.

How Users Can Come on Your Website?

There are different search engines through which users can search e.g. Yahoo, Google. Bing,

Now we will talk about the top ways through users can come on your website;

  • Users can come through a search engine
  • Someone told the user that go to this website i.e. referred by friend
  • User came after watching an advertisement, banner or newspaper.
  • Users came by clicking the link of website on a different website or directory.

There are many other different ways through users can come on your website but most of the people come through a search engine because visitors prefer a search engine.

The today’s lecture ends here, In next classes I will explain this concept in detail that how you can promote your website in search engines.