Top 5 Reasons to Buy Auction Software?
As most of the auction software is known to provide an accurate output, it is evident that people would like to use it on a regular basis to grow in the market in a quick span of time. Some of the Top 5 Reasons to Buy Auction Software are given here; Convenience to use it… (0 comment)

How to Build Successful Career by Working Smarter
Successful Career is a common thing that almost every employee dreams of. Building a successful career is an art. Many of the people reach their dream due to their hard work and determination but others fail to accomplish their dream since they don’t try enough to reach to their dream. In the modern age, workplace… (0 comment)

Top 24 Questions and Answers for Applying in Punjab Educators
NTS tests have been ended and local district level advertisements are being published in different newspapers. If you have not found your advertisement, you can go to this link and see it. Like us on Facebook: If you are applying for the first time in these jobs then it will be obvious that you may… (0 comment)

Download Application Form, NOC Form and 32-A Challan Form
Given below the 5 forms that you have to use to apply for educators jobs. Application form NOC Form 32-A Challan Form Checklist Submission Form Receipt application form NOTE: To save or print these forms. if you are on PC/laptop right click on image and save as image. If using mobile, then hold your finger… (0 comment)

Tips to Submit Application of Educators after NTS Test Result
After NTS Test Result, you have to submit the following documents to the education office of your district. 1. Application Form 2. 32-A Challan Form 3 Copies – Bank will keep 2 copies while send the 3rd copy with application. 3.  Attested copies of Degrees 4. Domicile + CNIC attested copy 5. NTS Result card attested copy… (0 comment)

Educators Advertisements for All Districts of Punjab
All the NTS tests have been ended and Government of the Punjab has published the relevant Educators Advertisements for All Districts of Punjab. You can check these advertisements to see the applying terms and condition and seat allocation in female and male side. All the ads are given below; Like us on Facebook: Click the… (0 comment)